Chicken "Curry"

Curry chicken

You will need:

With the chicken stripped and gutted,

1 onion, 1 tablespoon curry powder,

1 teaspoon curry paste, 280 ml broth,

1 dessert spoonful of spices, including cloves,

1 tablespoon lemon juice, 60g margarine,

1 tablespoon topped with flour, 1 apple,

salt to taste


Divide chicken into pieces and coat in flour. Preheat pressure cooker without lid, add margarine. Fry the chicken pieces until browned. Remove chicken, drain fat. Place a rack on the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Place chunks of chicken on the rack, coating with curry paste and then coat in curry powder. Top with ringed or half-ringed onion, sliced and core-free apple. Taste and season with lemon juice, spices and salt.

Close the lid of the pressure cooker tightly and place on the heat. After reaching desired pressure see pressure cooker instructions simmer for 15 minutes. Allow pressure cooker to cool slowly.

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