CES 2021: LG stove with air sous-vide function

LG InstaView appliances with Air Sous Vide feature

LG’s virtual booth

CES 2021.

LG Air Sous Vide InstaView_Lifestyle

The new LG model with Air Sous Vide technology can consistently maintain any temperature from 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit 38 to 96 degrees Celsius for 48 hours without adding water, allowing you to cook any food without taking up space on your kitchen counter. Precise control of low temperature and airflow vacuum-packed food preserves maximum flavor and aroma and makes food tasty and healthy.


  • InstaView. Tapping twice on the glass door is enough to automatically turn on the oven light, so you can follow the cooking process.
  • EasyClean. It’s easy to keep the stove and oven surfaces clean without using any chemicals. The cleaning process only takes 10 minutes.
  • ProBake. Ensures fast and proper cooking process without preheating.
  • Air Fry. Allows you to cook flavorful fried food using much less oil than deep frying.

LG Air Sous Vide InstaView_Lifestyle

Remote Control

Using the ThinQ app, connected to Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker, you can control and monitor the operation of the stove. LG partners SideChef, Innit, Drop and Tovala offer hundreds of easy-to-prepare recipes in their apps. After selecting the desired recipe, cooking instructions are sent to the device, after which the oven itself sets the desired cooking mode and temperature.

ThinQ technology controls the mixer settings and automatically preheats the oven so that as soon as the dough is rolled out and the toppings are on, the pizza oven is ready to use. And reheat frozen meals from brands like Nestl&eacute and Kraft Heinz, with the new oven is as easy as scanning a bar code with the Scan to Cook option.

The new stoves have Proactive Customer Care, a service technology based on artificial intelligence. With just a smartphone and the ThinQ app, users will be able to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of compatible LG devices for years to come.

LG Air Sous Vide

LG’s InstaView 2021 product line brings together our most innovative cooking technologies, which we’re excited to showcase at CES next month,

– Liu Jae-chul, president of LG ElectronicsHome Appliance & Air Solution, commented.

– We are confident that consumers will appreciate the even greater ease and convenience of using Air Sous Vide technology than the traditional water-based, low-temperature cooking method. But the real authentic opinion will be told by consumers when they judge how much better the taste of food cooked in the new stove with the built-in oven will be


As of January 11, LG InstaView 2021 product line with air sous vide function Air Sous Vide is available at

LG virtual booth

at CES 2021.

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