CES 2019: LG TWINWash washer and LG dryer – two washes and drying at the same time

A system consisting of the LG TWINWash washer and DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer will debut at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. This unit allows the user to wash two loads of laundry at a time and gently dry a third at a low temperature. Thanks to Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ technologies, the TWINWash washer and dryer are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

LG TWINWash washing machine and LG dryer

The new LG TWINWash washer features increased capacity with a 27-inch front-loading main compartment and is complemented by the DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ dryer, offering additional user benefits.

While the main washer is designed to wash large loads of laundry, the SideKick lower mini drum is ideal for small loads or items made of delicate fabrics that require gentle washing.

  • TurboWash™360° technology ensures all stains are washed thoroughly and quickly, thanks to five powerful water jets combined with 6Motion™.
  • The new dryer’s Dual Inverter Heat Pump provides even greater energy savings, and drying laundry at low temperatures means items last longer and won’t shrink.
  • Auto Cleaning Condenser technology protects the condenser from accumulating lint and debris particles, improving air circulation, freeing owners from the worry of cleaning and improving drying quality.

Thanks to Wi-Fi and SmartThinQ technology, the TWINWash washer and dryer are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means the user can turn them on and off, start or pause a wash, track the status of a wash cycle and do more with voice commands and a mobile app.

  • The Smart PairingS dryer function eliminates the need to manually select the drying cycle – now LG’s smart technology suggests the optimal settings by itself.

LG’s TWINWash washer with TurboWash360° technology and DUAL Inverter Heat Pump dryer will be available in a new color, Black Steel.

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