CES 2013. Panasonic, IBM, Specific Media, Abox42 AND TechniSat expand Smart TV Alliance ecosystem

Las Vegas, January 10, 2013. – The Smart TV Alliance announced that five new leading solution manufacturers and providers have joined, which will help spur the development of cross-platform applications and services for Smart TVs. Consumers will be able to enjoy the advanced capabilities of Smart TVs with 3D video support, the highest picture and sound quality and a huge variety of programs thanks to applications created with the new Software Development Kit SDK for 2013 TVs from various manufacturers around the world.

Smart TV Alliance

New Smart TV Alliance members include manufacturers Panasonic, ABOX42 and TechniSat, as well as solution providers IBM and Specific Media. They recognize the need and importance of developing and releasing apps that run on different platforms, and have joined founding alliance members LG Electronics, TP Vision and Toshiba, as well as YuMe, Obigo and Qualcomm, forming an open ecosystem for app developers to create compelling, platform-independent services.

– Smart TV Alliance members connect the commercial capabilities of app developers and TV manufacturers to create the best possible experience for users of Smart TV devices,” said Richard Choi, Smart TV Alliance president from founding company LG Electronics. – Now app developers can focus on what they do best. Instead of wasting energy adapting to each TV manufacturer’s individual requirements and processes, they can get the most out of their creative energy by creating innovative apps and services.

The upcoming SDK takes into account the latest trends and features available to app developers, allowing them to release the most current and interesting apps for 2013 Smart TVs from LG, TP Vision and Toshiba. Features of the new SDK include:

for smart TVs in 2013:

  • feature-rich applications that support the new versions of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • 3D video
  • MPEG-DASH format support with improved sound and video quality with less “stuttering” and “freezing”
  • a broader selection of quality content, thanks to an updated list of supported digital rights management DRM systems that reflects the DRM requirements of content owners

for application developers:

  • a new standard emulator to test apps, ensuring that they work with TVs from manufacturers that are part of the Smart TV Alliance
  • An application compatibility checker to automatically verify cross-platform Smart TV Alliance support compliance
  • Advanced debugging tools help developers solve app creation problems faster and easier.

About the Smart TV Alliance

Founders LG Electronics, TP Vision and Toshiba founded the Smart TV Alliance in 2012 to create compelling, platform-independent service-oriented applications for Smart TVs.

The goal of the Smart TV Alliance is to create a broad and productive smart TV app development ecosystem that will enable manufacturers to create high-quality apps for multiple platforms faster and provide consumers with a rich selection of video content and services. For more information about the development environment and conditions of joining the alliance, visit the SmartTV-Alliance Web site.org.

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