CES 2013. Haier Home Appliances: Refrigerators that go to the store and know lots of recipes

At CES 2013, the Haier company has introduced not quite normal appliances. Here’s an example of a spectacular washing machine – it has a see-through cabinet and an impressive neon light. But the models shown are just concepts. Of the closer-to-reality novelties we can mention the wireless blender. It’s powered by an induction plate that can be clamped under the surface of the cooking table. Haier also showed appliances united under the concept of Smart Living – washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators that connect to the Internet.

Haier washing machine

Haier decided to apply the wireless technology created for TVs to household appliances. Thanks to the electric drive based on a special communication technology, the wireless mixer is able to receive power at a distance and work without electric wires.

To start working, all you have to do is to put the transmitter, which is plugged in to the mains, in the working position. The energy is transmitted to the mixer at a distance of 1 meter this is confirmed by the laboratory test .

Haier Mixer

Another unusual novelty is the prototype of a transparent interactive fridge. A touch of a finger activates the touch screen, which becomes transparent and allows you to see the contents of the shelves without having to open the door.

Equipped with an identification function, the touch screen allows you to create a list of stored products, and allows you to manage the stock of products depending on the expiration date. The “suggestion” function of this fridge will suggest recipes based on the food you’ve entered in the database.

Haier refrigerator

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