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Over the past few years the Densen company has managed to present several very successful devices of various levels, but the manufacturer is clearly not going to stop there. Recently the hundred

lo we know that in the foreseeable future another very interesting model of the brand’s line will be launched: the device with the index


230CAST will get extended support for streaming services and please audiophiles around the world with the affordable price.


Densen engineers tried to combine the most actual technical solutions with the successful developments used in the past models of the series. Judging by the first responses and the information that the manufacturer has already shared with the community of music lovers, B-230CAST really has a lot to offer: we are promised an extremely fine volume control, a complete absence of background noise and distortion, the highest level of signal detail, the ability to connect external power sources DNRG, 1NRG or 2NRG , sound amplification by A-class standards, an extremely powerful output stage, and a separate set of controls and capacitors for each of the two active channels. Sounds promising!

And the main feature of the B-230CAST, as the name suggests, will be the support for Google’s CAST digital media player. Densen engineers did their best to make the combination of two so different devices to work as smoothly and productively as possible: the original system of noise suppression, a separate optical input, instant signal processing and even the unique Toslink power cable, developed by Danish specialists especially for Google CAST connection to B-230 – in this sense this preamplifier is literally unparalleled! Another significant plus of such a “cooperation” is that the representatives of Densen did not have to deal with the development of their own software – all the necessary software is installed on Google CAST, so that no problems with firmware updates here can not be by definition.

The digital signal transmitted from the player to the preamplifier is converted into an analog signal by means of the original built-in converter CAST DAC, providing the highest sound quality during playback at low volume and in “party mode. The DAC itself is placed in a special capsule and is almost completely isolated from the other internal elements of the B-230CAST – such a design can reduce interference and optimize the performance of the device. Worthy of special mention are also the ability to connect NAS drives, the availability of an integrated line filter, Teflon-insulated board and the original technology of “nitrogen” soldering. But the most important thing is that the output Densen B-230CAST provides excellent sound quality, pleasing to the eye with great detail and an incredibly voluminous scene.

The representatives of the Densen company even claim that this novelty is able to plunge audiophile into the real musical nirvana… We can’t wait to check this statement in practice!

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