Canon’s new Océ VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series of black and white digital systems will increase high volume production and expand the range of media available

Canon Europe, the leader in imaging solutions, launches a new line of production devices for black and white sheetfed printing – the Oc&eacute VarioPrint 6000 TITAN. A range of technical innovations in the new models will help to significantly improve productivity and print quality, as well as expanding the range of media. The devices will retain the best-in-class environmental credentials of the VarioPrint 6000 family.


The new systems have been specifically designed for commercial and book printing service providers as well as businesses that need to print high volume work documents. The devices support exceptional quality and speed in black and white printing while accommodating a wide range of media types and sizes.

New TITAN series – successor to the renowned Oc platform&eacute VarioPrint 6000, which became the new benchmark for black and white digital printing a decade ago. Gemini’s instant two-sided printing technology, used for the first time, is still unrivaled to this day.

New models deliver up to 10 million printed A4 sheets per month. They are ideal for commercial printers, publishers, printers specializing in business documents, and large in-house print shops. Oc Series&eacute VarioPrint 6000 TITAN provides three versions of printing systems for customers with different needs – standard, TP for transactional printing and MICR for bank cheques . Also offers a range of optional postpress modules such as stitching, glue-binding, ribbon binding, punching and trimming. And theDFD interface for document finishing enables you to connect compatible binding and stapling devices as needed.

The design of the Oc models&eacute The VarioPrint 6000 TITAN has been significantly redesigned from the previous generation: the ultra-durable steel housing, which can withstand the most severe stresses, simplifies maintenance and maximizes uptime.

Computers and peripherals

Like its predecessor series, the VarioPrint 6000+, the new systems feature increased print speeds: the increase from 314 to 328 A4 images per minute in duplex mode means that up to 30,000 additional copies per week can be printed in a single-shift operation. Four series models VarioPrint 6180, 6220, 6270 and 6330[1] offer different print speeds. And customers can purchase temporary licenses for higher speeds to overcome short-term or seasonal peaks in demand.

Enhanced productivity is also supported by the PRISMAsync v7 print server range, which allows you to manage jobs more efficiently and even delay print jobs for up to eight hours by automatically starting them. Other features include PRISMAsync Remote Manager, an app for remote management from smartphones and tablets,[2] and the new PRISMAlytics dashboard[3]. These cloud-based services boost productivity by remotely managing and monitoring multiple print engines. Windows 10 connectivity, user authentication and customizable interface are just a few of the features that secure the device.

Choice of print media for Oc&eacute VarioPrint 6000 TITAN is broader than all previous models. This will help print service providers capture new market segments by taking advantage of new commercial opportunities. The new TITAN Light Weight Media LWM with LWM Air Guide allows printing on lightweight papers from 45g/sqm. m. This opens up a whole new market niche for device owners that was previously unavailable for productive sheetfed printing.


The use of thin paper is also supported by Oc’s proven simultaneous two-sided printing technology&eacute Gemini: Two printing units are used to print on both sides of the sheet, without flipping the sheet, and as a result, there is no need to slow down the printing process to flip the sheet. Oc&eacute Copy Press allows toner to be applied at a low fusing temperature, which reduces physical damage to the paper and keeps it as smooth as possible – and therefore improves print and postpress quality. The ink applied has a matte finish just like offset printing.

The VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series supports printing on standard, coated and textured paper, as well as specialty media such as carbonless copy paper NCR . The only digital devices in their class that can print on both sides of printed sheets with label pleats – a necessity for manuals and handbooks, for example.

VarioPrint 6000 TITAN series devices are compatible with several paper feed modules, giving customers choice and allowing to adapt print system configuration. The standard paper feed unit is designed for sheets up to 320 x 488mm while the Flex XL unit prints up to 350 x 500mm – ideal for a digital publisher that prints books on demand in multiplayer mode. Depending on production requirements, customers can install three standard blocks, three Flex XL blocks or a combination of different block sizes.

Peter Wolff, Senior Director, Commercial Industrial and Corporate Printing Sector, Canon Europe, comments on the new series: “When the standard paper feed module was introduced in 2007, the VarioPrint series was taken off the market for the first time. the first Oc models&eacute The VarioPrint 6000 has just hit the market and has completely changed the way black and white printing systems look and feel in terms of speed, quality and reliability. Since then, these devices have helped hundreds of companies grow. Now, ten years later, we have developed the new TITAN series, a range of high productive black and white devices that combine the best technical features of the original VarioPrint platform with the latest technology to push the limits of industrial black and white printing even further. The new devices represent the modern benchmark for speed, reliability, quality, adaptability and environmental friendliness in its class.”.


The renowned Oc instantaneous two-sided printing technology&eacute Gemini ensures perfect registration of sides and therefore offers an exceptional increase in print quality. Other well-known features of the original VarioPrint series also contribute to highest print quality. These include, for example, ScreenPoint technology that detects the type of image text, line art, or photo on each page, and SuperCell, an intelligent halftone matching algorithm that delivers exceptional sharpness and smooth color transitions.

New Oc printing machines&eacute VarioPrint 6000 TITAN produces virtually no ozone emissions and wastes no unnecessary toner. Estimated to consume 30 percent less power than other devices in the same category. This makes them maintenance friendly and kind to the operator.

Summarizing, Wolf points out: “For industrial printing, the black and white format is still extremely important. Canon aims for constant innovation in this technology space as we strive to anticipate the inevitably changing needs of our customers. With the varioPRINT 140 series, imagePRESS Oc&eacute VarioPrint 6000 TITAN and Oc&eacute JetStream we can meet the needs of print service providers and corporate printers alike, whatever the volume of black and white printing they need. These latest devices will help our customers maximize turnaround times, strengthen their competitive advantage and implement new business models to create unique offerings and leapfrog revenue growth.”.

[1] Of the MICR models, the VarioPrint 6270 has the fastest print speed.

[2] Requires PRISMAsync for VarioPrint 6000 version V7.2 or higher, Android 4.1 iOS 7 or later, Microsoft® or Google® account third-party terms of use apply . Data transfer charges may apply.

[3] Requires PRISMAsync for VarioPrint 6000 version V7.2 or higher, Android 4.1 iOS 7 or later, Microsoft® or Google® account third party terms of use apply . Data transfer charges may apply.

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