Canon PowerShot G16 compact camera arms everyone with professional features

This truly pocket-sized camera far exceeds the quality of ordinary point-and-shoot cameras and has serious potential that can be compared to semi-professional DSLRs. It is capable of unleashing its potential in the hands of an experienced photographer, creative person as well as a beginner in photography.


Canon PowerShot G16 compact camera

Capture the fastest action

  • Significantly improved AF system
  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to 12.2 frames per second
  • Captures video in Full HD quality at 60 fps



Canon PowerShot G16 compact camera

Canon PowerShot G16 compact camera

Canon's compact PowerShot G16

Photo equipment

The Canon PowerShot G16 features a vastly improved autofocus AF system – the fastest among Canon compacts. High-performance DIGIC 6 image processor cuts AF-system reaction time to 0.1 sec. and overall lag to 0.22 sec. In practice, this makes it possible to shoot on-the-fly as soon as you see an interesting moment. High chances of catching the right moment will depend more on your reaction than on the camera.

The Canon PowerShot G16 is capable of continuous burst shooting at up to 9.3 frames per second when shooting until the memory card is full or 522 frames , and even at up to 12.2 frames per second in a short burst up to 5 frames . This allows you to capture even the most dynamic scenes in development.

Capture fast-moving action shots at full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60fps. Not even the most expensive models can match its brightness.

High quality shooting and a wide range of creative possibilities

  • Canon HS System for exceptional quality
  • Intelligent image stabilisation system
  • High-quality, versatile RAW-format lens
  • Creative filter pack with unique features

Photo equipment

ISO 80, F2.8, 1/200 sec, 84mm

Canon’s HS System, which includes not only the latest generation DIGIC 6 processor, but also a 1/1-inch BSI CMOS light-sensitive sensor, provides superior image quality in this compact model.7″ with oversized cells, capable of storing more light information than conventional ones. Images captured with Canon HS feature wide dynamic range and a resulting increase in halftone reproduction, plus reduced digital noise at higher ISO settings. The latter feature, coupled with the effective Intelligent IS system, ensures quality results with a variety of night scenes – both static and dynamic.

The zoom lens has a 5x magnification and offers a versatile focal length range 28-140mm that covers a vast majority of typical subjects, such as landscape and architectural photography, macro, genre, portrait, reportage. Its high aperture ratio F1.8-2.8 Camera focuses steadily even in dimly lit areas. Combined with the ability to focus down to 1cm. up to the object and high tech optical elements in lenses, it provides for impressive macro shots with beautifully blurred background.

Compact camera Canon PowerShot G16 offers photographers a professional camera function – the ability to record photos in RAW-format. For the camera enthusiast, this allows you to get the most out of your images in full color, and also allows you to customize or improve color reproduction for pictures taken in difficult lighting conditions.

For those who like to experiment with images during or immediately after shooting, the camera offers a selection of creative filters for applying effects. Some of these are already well-known to photographers fisheye, miniature, toy camera, vintage effect, poster, etc. . , as well as branded: smart shutter for easy shooting self-portraits and group portraits , highlight objects blurred background , shooting the starry sky portrait against the starry sky, a clear still star and traces of the stars .

Ruggedly built and easy to operate

  • Rugged, compact body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Manual adjustment of the most important parameters

Photo equipment

The camera has a compact, tough body with non-slip pads, so you can comfortably make some settings and shoot with one hand. Relatively lightweight camera 356g. and its modest size allows you to wear the G16 around your neck all the time with the included strap. It’s also as easy to wear on your wrist on the wrist strap as a normal point-and-shoot. In addition, the camera can be placed in a jacket pocket or back pocket of pants.

Equipped with a optical viewfinder, the photographer can save battery power by turning the LCD screen off during shooting. This allows you to stay away from power sources for longer periods of time.

Camera has controls like a mode dial, exposure compensation dial and front click wheel for quick access to basic camera settings.

State-of-the-art communication capabilities

  • Wireless communication with mobile devices supporting iOS and Andriod
  • Remote shooting control
  • Sharing data with computers
  • Wireless printing
  • Cloud storage and synchronization

Compact Cameras

Built-in Wi-Fi provides the Canon PowerShot G16 with multiple wireless functions. Can share images wirelessly with other Canon cameras. Through the mobile application CameraWindow interacts with mobile devices: send photos to them for storage, sharing with other devices and posting to the web , get them to GPS coordinates to tie photos to the location, gets remote commands from smartphones or tablets, acting as a remote control while shooting.

Wireless communication also makes it easy to send photos to desktop PCs and printers.

After registering the camera in the online service Canon Image Gateway user has access to cloud storage and features such as remote image processing and automatic synchronization of not yet saved pictures in the online service and on your computer . A dedicated button on the camera body can be used to automatically activate Canon Image Gateway service.

Compatible with optional accessories

  • Canon Speedlite flashes for the Canon EOS system as master and slave units
  • Canon Speedlite transmitter support
  • Flash support for macro photography
  • Expanding lens capabilities with optical converters

Canon's PowerShot G16 compact camera

Compact cameras


The G16 features a hot shoe connection, allowing EOS flashes from the Canon Speedlite family to be used as main flashes on the camera.

One or more Canon Speedlite flashes can also be used as a slave, placed where you want the light effect you want. In this case, slave flashes are triggered by a wireless Speedlite flash transmitter ST-E2 , which attaches to the camera’s hot shoe.

With the optional adapter to the PowerShot G16 you can also connect a ring flash Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX or twin flash Macro Twin Lite for

Professional lighting for macro photography.

The optional LA-DC58L converter adaptor can be used with the lens of the G16, which can be used to attach, for example, the teleconverter TC-DC58E with a magnification ratio of 1.4.

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