Canon Legria GX10: A stunning 4K camcorder for modern content creators

Canon introduces a new class of camcorder for enthusiasts who are passionate about capturing valuable stories and moments. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure or a memorable family event, the Legria GX10 delivers exceptional quality under any circumstances. With advanced features and supreme reliability, this new 4K 50p video recorder is the must-have for anyone who loves to capture great stories and is constantly striving to improve their video.

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Future-proof image quality

Movie footage shot with the Legria GX10 stands the test of time. 4K 50p shooting at four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD, bringing precious moments to life in vivid detail. The versatile performance of the Legria GX10 makes it possible to capture images in MP4 at 35Mbps for Full HD, or 150Mbps for 4K 50p – perfect for fast-moving action shots. Capture movies at up to 100 frames per second and produce a variety of content-from interval video to movies with up to 4x slow motion.


Professional quality: now it’s easy

Legria GX10 makes it easy to capture professional-quality video. This is the first camcorder to feature a 1-inch image sensor with Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology: it provides a shallow depth of field as well as fast, accurate focus adjustment. Three neutral density optical filters reduce exposure by 2, 4 or 8 steps for superb image quality in bright or low light, while a new wide-angle 4K lens with a 15x zoom further ensures 4K-ready quality.

Wide DR mode extends dynamic range up to 800% to enhance detail in shaded and brightly lit areas and produce clear, bright images that can be displayed without pre-processing. A large, tiltable touch screen provides quick and easy access to key Legria GX10 features that may be required in fast-paced environments, such as parties, weddings and outdoor activities. And the 5-axis image stabilization system is optimized for smooth video at any zoom.

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Comfortable and reliable

The compact, lightweight and rugged Legria GX10 is the go-to professional camcorder for all situations. Ergonomic design – borrowed from professional camcorders – features a tilt-adjustable viewfinder, professional zoom wheel and custom function buttons. Full manual mode lets you control the camera to suit your needs and experience, while auto mode makes it as easy as possible.

Dual SD card slots for backup and continuous recording-so you won’t miss a moment. Together with great battery life, this makes the Legria GX10 the perfect companion for the most incredible adventures, from safari to skiing.

Dual band Wi-Fi lets you shoot remotely and transfer files on the go, so you can share your most important moments right away. In addition, the camera is equipped with a wireless remote control for control at a distance.

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Ready to grow with you

While the built-in stereo microphone provides great audio recording, an optional 3.5mm microphone jack, an advanced mini-headphone jack and a 3.5mm headphone output allow the Legria GX10 to be customised to suit any audio requirements. With these simple accessory options, you can turn your passion into a profession.

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