Canon launches two new 4K installation projectors

Canon Europe has announced the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z, two easy-to-use 4K installation models. The 4K5020Z is the world’s smallest and lightest 5000 lumens projector to date. This interchangeable lens projector offers unprecedented image quality with the new RS-SL07RST 4K lens. The glass for such powerful and precise optics is made using Canon’s latest designs. The LX-MH502Z is a best-in-class low-cost laser projector that features innovative pixel shift technology to easily achieve 4K UHD resolution.

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Canon 4K5020Z

Compact 4K laser projectors with easy installation

Both the 4K5020Z, the world’s lightest 4K LCOS projector, and the LX-MH502Z, weighing just 9.3kg, offer a range of installation options, including in cramped or awkward spaces. The 4K5020Z’s motorised lens simplifies projection system planning, while the combination of laser diode and yellow phosphor in both projectors provides versatility, allowing you to project from any angle. Portrait mode is also possible, for digital signage applications, for example.

The 4K5020Z has a newly developed Canon designed body with a simple bushing mount, which is compatible with seven Canon lenses. With a range of lenses available – from the new RS-SL07RST, specially designed for 4K, to ultra-wide-angle and ultra-long zoom lenses – the 4K5020Z is Canon’s most versatile projector to date. Spring-less mount and locking mechanism – the same as Canon’s professional broadcast lenses – provide extra stability for the most accurate projection.


Canon LX-MH502Z

High brightness and excellent projection quality

The LX-MH502Z is Canon’s first projector to use revolutionary pixel shift technology to achieve 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution with minimal financial outlay and no hardware upgrades. In turn, the 4K5020Z offers true 4K resolution 4096 x 2160 and will be a solid investment for the future. Both the 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z deliver crisp images and text as well as smooth graphics. Each model has two HDMI inputs, allows you to project a 4K/60p image using a single HDMI cable, supports HDR and 4K formats in 60p and 30p modes. Canon’s high-end image processors support a multitude of media formats, delivering precise image projection and video playback.

Blue laser diode and yellow phosphor disk give a brightness of 5000 lumens, which allows you to create rich detailed projections even in strong light. Extensive image adjustments, including a DICOM grayscale simulation mode for the display of x-rays, guarantee accurate reproduction. The LX-MH502Z uses a new color wheel that encompasses the sRGB color space, allowing the projector to deliver accurate color reproduction for all types of multimedia. HDR technology on the LX-MH502Z offers 50,000:1 high dynamic contrast ratio: a guarantee of realistic colors and sharp images.


Canon RS-SL07RST

Powerful and precise optical technology

To enable system integrators to take full advantage of the 4K5020Z’s true 4K resolution, Canon has also launched a new 4K lens. The RS-SL07RST uses Canon glass for clarity and the highest quality in the industry. The RS-SL07RST motorised zoom lens with 1.76x magnification ratio enhances projection capability while maintaining perfect geometry.

LX-MH502Z features 1.6x magnification and a wide lens shift range: this gives versatile installation options in a variety of environments. For large area projection in small spaces, the LX-MH502Z utilizes single chip DLP technology capable of projections up to 6.5 m wide and 7.6 m projection distance.

Wide lens shift range of +/-73% vertically up to 104% in extended mode and +/-11% horizontally on the 4K5020Z, allowing you to project a wider area. The LX-MH502Z also features a wide adjustable range of lens shift +/-60% vertically and +/-23% horizontally making it easy to adjust the image without touching the projector.

Ease of use and maintenance

The 4K5020Z is largely self-contained. A 12-month schedule setting allows you to program and automate power, inputs, lens and calibration settings for faster maintenance. The 4K5020Z and LX-MH502Z were created to reduce the cost of ownership of a 4K projector, and are therefore equipped with laser light sources designed for continuous operation. The LX-MH502Z is filter-free, requiring no lamp cleaning or replacement, and is designed for 20,000 hours of operation with minimal maintenance. In addition, both projectors feature a quick on/off function for on-demand use and an eco mode for extended quiet operation.

Built-in LAN port and RJ-45 connector further enhances management capabilities, providing high visibility and control of the device. Also features compatibility with Crestron RoomView technology. The 4K5020Z can operate with Canon’s innovative Service Tool for the PJ which allows the projector to be managed through an easy-to-use interface. App available for iOS smart phones and tablets allows integrators to reduce installation time: they can control the projector remotely by copying the settings from one device to another. It also helps save time and money and reduce downtime for troubleshooting.

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