Canon introduces new series for easy large format printing

Canon’s new imagePROGRAF PRO series makes first-rate wide format printing easy for everyone from photographers to custom print companies. These devices allow you to create eye-catching posters and spectacular borderless reproductions of paintings that will make a lasting impression. Turn ideas into vivid graphics and cash, even faster and more effortlessly. Five new models in the range ensure there’s a perfect imagePROGRAF PRO for everyone, with automatic media handling and a host of intelligent workflow options.


Thousands of organizations use the imagePROGRAF PRO series, plus our unique LUCIA PRO inks, to create beautiful large format graphics, fine art and true to life photos,” comments Artem Kalashnikov, Wide Format Product Manager, Canon America. Five new models deliver great print quality on every print. The technology in these machines takes care of all the complicated processes-you’ll enjoy the smart, fast, and economical operation of the device.”.


The less time you spend setting up your printer, the better. You don’t have to pay for the time it takes to accurately set the roll of paper, check consumables quantities, or match them to the print job. So we made it even easier for you. Just place the roll in the roll holder and the paper loads automatically into the printer, and the new media recognition system detects the type and size. Meanwhile you can get on with your more important work. The printers also allow you to set up a second roll of media and send a new job to the queue while the first roll is still printing. The printer remembers how often and what you use it for, so it recognizes paper more accurately each time. And because you’re not touching the media roll during the entire process, you don’t have to worry about leaving fingerprints on the finished product.

The common case: You start a job and think the printer is running fine and then come back for more and realize you’re halfway through printing and you’re out of paper. Here it is, a waste of time, paper, and ink. Now it’s all in the past. Two sensors – on the roller and next to the print area – measure the amount of paper, and this information is displayed on the control panel. This gives you the peace of mind that you won’t have to go back to the printer until the job is finished. We also added separate keys for the most common operations, such as loading, feeding, and cutting, so it’s even easier to use the devices.

Artem Kalashnikov continues, “Printing is essentially putting ideas onto paper. The faster and easier you can do it, the better. We had a long discussion with our large format printing clients about what slows them down and what causes the most frustration. The most common answer was the difficulty of handling the media. Therefore, a key point in the development of the new imagePROGRAF PRO series printers was to optimize processes, which leads to increased productivity, and therefore the profitability of. Particularly the PRO-4100S and PRO-6100S, designed for customers who print to order, benefit from this kind of enhancement.



There are many steps that precede clicking the Print button. For the most part, this is creative work, such as image correction and retouching. There are also more practical applications, such as arranging images in a way that makes the most of the printing area. An enhanced version of Professional Print & Layout software allows you to perform these and many other operations, making it easier to prepare for printing.

Auto collate function saves paper: just drag and drop the required files and the software will choose the optimal layout. Print a test pattern to save you numerous print trials and time-consuming color adjustments. Instead you get some thumbnail images to check brightness, contrast and other parameters. Fewer redundant prints – fewer unnecessary costs.

“Our reasoning was this. Paper and ink aren’t cheap, so don’t start printing until you’re sure the result will match the image on the screen exactly. Professional Print & Layout is an extremely useful tool that guarantees perfect printing on the first try,” Artem Kalashnikov concludes.


Borderless prints look much better, but they are not always easy to get and finishing can be time-consuming. Now everything is changing with the new imagePROGRAF PRO series: the advanced sensors recognize the edges of all sizes of media with extreme precision and automatically adjust the borders, making borderless printing possible in a variety of formats.

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