Canon introduces new 4K and 8K video solutions

Broadcast and video production clients have new needs. To satisfy them, Canon has launched two new solutions: a powerful and compact 4K professional camcorder XF605 and a broadcast zoom lens 10×16 KAS S with 8K resolution. The portable XF605 is based on the famous XF series. A powerful tool for reportage and studio production, designed for independent videographers. All three new products meet industry standards and work together to give professionals superior image quality in all conditions.


XF605: uncompromising quality

XF605 is a new generation XF series model with a wide range of functions. In spite of its compact size, it delivers impressive picture quality in 4K at 60/50p, sampled at 4:2:2 10 bit, and in FHD at up to 120p. CMOS Sensor Type 1.0 and DIGIC DV 7 processor for the high performance that today’s professionals demand. For more flexible shooting and editing, the XF605 can adjust various settings, including HDR HLG/PQ , Canon Log3 profile and Look File view mode.

The five-axis image stabilization system used in other XF and XA series cameras keeps things smooth, even in fast-moving shots. A combination of different settings in standard, dynamic and amplified modes gives you a choice of four image stabilization options, which are best suited to the task in hand and the conditions in which you work. With its innovative L-series 4K lens, the XF605 offers 15x optical zoom in 4K and an additional 30x zoom in FHD, ideal for capturing distant subjects.

New camcorder uses fast and accurate Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This is the first model in the XF series, which, thanks to EOS iTR AF X technology, supports features such as eye focusing, tracking and intelligent head contour recognition. Advanced system continues to focus sharply, even if the person is turned away from the camera. New Direct Touch interface lets operators select focus objects quickly, easily manipulate on-screen adjustments, navigate menus and playback your footage.


Simplicity and versatility to optimize workflows

The XF605 is around 10% smaller and 600 g lighter than the XF705, weighing in at around 2 kg¹, making it very easy to shoot handheld, even on the move. This model is designed for operators who work alone. Not only is it portable, but it also features a new accessory mount for future accessories. One of them is TEAC’s CA-XLR2d-C XLR microphone adapter for professional-quality audio recording. Adapter lets you connect XLR inputs to all four audio channels of the XF605, giving you greater flexibility when recording audio. It also addresses the increasing popularity of live streaming in the last year, with multi-protocol IP streaming, multi-camera remote control including PTZ and USB-C video streaming.

The XF605 is a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows. Two multi-format SD card slots enable simultaneous recording of different file formats, resolutions, color sampling and proxy files. Through 12G-SDI and HDMI connections, images can be simultaneously distributed to any number of monitors, broadcast and recording systems to support live events and pre-recorded footage. The XF605 is ideal for capturing images on the move. It is also compatible with Canon’s new Content Transfer Mobile CTM ² application, which allows operators to edit the metadata of news stories before and after shooting, and import footage to the phone for instant transfer to broadcast servers, for example.


10×16 KAS S: Portable lens with unsurpassed image quality

The 10×16 KAS S zoom lens is another striking Canon optical technology designed to capture sports events and documentaries in high 8K resolution. The new 10×16 KAS S model completes Canon’s line of lenses for broadcast 8K cameras with 1.25″ sensors, which includes the UHD-DIGISUPER 51 and 7×10.7 KAS S. Despite its compact size, the 10×16 KAS S lens delivers unsurpassed image quality. It features fluorite elements, high refractive index and ultra-low dispersion Hi-UD lenses, and large-diameter aspherical lenses to suppress chromatic and spherical aberration and other image quality degradation. This rugged, portable lens weighs just 2.94kg and is carefully designed to shoot at 8K resolution. With a 10x optical zoom, focal lengths from 16mm to 160mm and a constant f/2 aperture.8, the lens provides stable image quality throughout the zoom range for general and high magnification photography. Canon already has a wide range of lenses for broadcast 4K cameras. The company adds the 10×16 KAS S to its lineup of broadcast 8K lenses to respond to current industry needs and support its development.

Key features of the XF605

  • Type 1 CMOS sensor.0 and DIGIC DV 7 processor
  • 4K UHD resolution, 60/50p frame rate, 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit in XF-AVC and MP4
  • L-series 4K lens with 15x optical zoom and an additional 30x zoom in FHD
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF system with eye autofocus and EOS iTR AF X technology
  • HDR, PQ and HLG support
  • Simultaneous recording, including proxy files
  • Professional connectivity through 12G-SDI, HDMI and XLR as well as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB-C and more.
  • CTM app for sending files to cell phone and editing metadata

Key features of the 10×16 KAS S

  • Lens for broadcast 8K cameras with 1.25″ sensor
  • 10x optical zoom, focal lengths from 16mm to 160mm
  • Constant aperture of f/2.8
  • Weighs only 2.94 kg
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