Canon expands its range of instant printable cameras with the new 2-in-1 ZOEMINI S2

Canon Europe introduces Zoemini S2, the latest addition to its range of instant print cameras. It’s easy to capture, edit and print on the go. Zoemini S2 is an improved version of its predecessor Zoemini S. It lets you add frames and filters, choose a capture mode, and save your favorite photos to print later. The Zoemini S2 comes in three colors: dark turquoise, pearl white and rose gold. Compact and lightweight to carry with you everywhere you go.


Explore the creative possibilities with Canon Mini Print

Ideal for content creators, DIY enthusiasts, and creative types. Zoemini S2 connects via Bluetooth to Canon’s Mini Print mobile app and lets you create fun images – collages, pixmaps, photos with text – and print templates and your own stickers. Handwritten and drawn characters can be captured on your cell phone, edited in the app and printed with the Zoemini S2 to decorate a scrapbook or handmade magazine zine . Perfectionists will like the possibility to choose a perfect pose and check if all the family and friends are included in the picture by previewing the picture before printing it in the app.

Shoot, print, stick and re-stick photos

Zoemini S2 is a 2-in-1 device with advanced creative features that let you shoot, edit and print on the go. Take stylish selfies with the built-in mirror and ring light, and add frame and effect buttons to give your photos a vintage look or frame them up differently. Users can select between portrait, street, or selfies there’s a dedicated slider on top of the camera for this purpose . And then print the photo in a variety of formats on Zink™ adhesive paper. Up to 10 sheets can be loaded. You can decorate your notebook, walls, personal diary and so on with the resulting stickers.



Always carry a compact camera

Compact and lightweight design it weighs only 188g makes the Zoemini S2 easy to carry around with you like a pocket-sized camera. If you forget to load photo paper before shooting, you can take photos and save them to your microSD card for printing later. Time-of-shooting information is added automatically when syncing with your smartphone. Compared to Zoemini S, the print queue has been enlarged: you can now take more pictures one by one and have fewer interruptions for loading the photo paper. Also improved battery life, so you can take up to 25 photos before you need to recharge. Ideal for capturing memorable moments on the move.

Main features of the Zoemini S2

– Colorful and vintage color filters, black and white filter

– Automatic white balance and exposure correction

– Supports borderless and white-border printing

– Prints not only rectangular images, but also in circles with Zink™ ZP-Circle photo paper

– Bluetooth 5 support.0

Technical Characteristics

– Power source: rechargeable 700mAh Li-Polymer battery

– Display size: no data

– Case colors: rose gold, pearl white, dark turquoise

– Case dimensions WxHxD : 121mm x 80.3mm x 22.4mm

– Weight:188 g

Price and availability

Camera goes on sale in mid-October 2021

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