Canon EOS C70 – the first usa mount camera in the Cinema EOS family

Canon has announced the EOS C70, a first-of-its-kind compact multifunction camera that combines the impressive image quality of the Cinema EOS system with the portability and versatility of the EOS R series. For the first time, filmmakers working with this system will be able to take advantage of the incredible capabilities of high-end lenses with usa mount. Also releasing today is the EF-EOS R 0 adapter.71x to fit EF lenses on the usa mount – enabling you to use the full range of EF lenses with the EOS C70.


Compact size and cinematic quality

Mirrorless and SLR cameras are becoming more and more popular. The EOS C70 bridges the gap between Canon’s two product lines – compact interchangeable lens cameras and Cinema EOS system cameras. It was Canon’s usa mount, with its short flange-to-ground plane distance, that made the EOS C70 so compact. Novelty though is the lightest and smallest model among Cinema EOS cameras, but it is equipped with rich set of functions and possibilities for professional video. It features 13 customizable buttons, a multifunction handle for convenient operation, professional-grade inputs and outputs, including HDMI and two XLR mini-jacks, and an independent ventilation system. It also features an upgraded, finer-grained neutral filter system, providing up to 10 stops of blackout and greater control over exposure and depth of field.

The design of the EOS C70 fits perfectly into a variety of shooting scenarios, including documentaries, filmmaking at any level, reportage and even creating videos for social media – thanks to a unique vertical recording function. Thanks to its compact size and powerful feature set, filmmakers can shoot with this camera handheld, as well as with a drone or gyro-stabilizer. What’s more, it supports several SD card recording formats, including 4K at up to 120 fps in XF-AVC 4:2:2/10-bit, ALL-I or Long-GOP and MP4 in HEVC H.265 or H.264, which covers a wide range of video production specifications.


Shooting with usa and EF lenses

Canon’s usa lens range is valued for its impeccable image quality and wide-ranging functionality. Mount is designed with a focus on the benefits of video, and is therefore perfectly matched to Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras. Now filmmakers can choose from a wide and growing range of high quality usa lenses, including telephoto, zoom, superb fixed focal length, fast and macro, when shooting with the EOS C70. For optimum image stabilization, the EOS C70 uses Combination IS technology, which combines the usa optical lens stabilization system with electronic camera stabilization, providing unsurpassed image stability, even when shooting handheld. Additional lens-to-camera communication capabilities provide access to advanced features, such as display of subject distance on the camera’s LCD screen.

The EOS C70 can also handle EF lenses thanks to the EF-EOS R 0 adaptor.71x, which is available with the new camera. The adapter features an optical converter that delivers full-frame vision on EF lenses even when paired with the Super-35 sensor and increases light transmission by approximately one stop. Full data transfer between EF lenses and the camera is ensured by the adapter, ensuring that all future Canon EF lenses will be supported. In addition, when using the EF-EOS R 0.71x fully supports autofocus, peripheral light correction and chromatic aberration correction as well as lens metadata transfer.


Superb 4K image quality

Featuring the Super-35 DGO Dual Gain Output sensor familiar from the acclaimed EOS C300 Mark III, the EOS C70 delivers exceptional image quality with a dynamic range of over 16 stops. Like the EOS C300 Mark III, the EOS C70 offers realistic and cinematic color reproduction, with impeccable low-light performance and impressive HDR capabilities. Using a DGO sensor and powerful DIGIC DV 7 processor, the EOS C70 is ideal for professionals who want to shoot high-quality content in 4K. The camera also supports 4K 120p slow motion, including active Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology and audio recording. 180p frame rate recording available in Super-16 mode for special occasions. The EOS C70 records up to two Canon XF-AVC 4K 4:2:2/10-bit SD cards, letting you shoot high-resolution movies in a variety of scenarios, from documentary and reportage to music videos and web content.


Advanced assistive features

EOS C70 packs a wealth of features never before seen in a Cinema EOS camera. In addition to supporting Canon’s acclaimed Dual Pixel AF technology, it is also the first in the Cinema EOS line-up to feature the revolutionary EOS iTR AF X Intelligent Tracking and Recognition System, including the recently released EOS R5. The system relies on a face and head contour recognition algorithm developed using deep learning technology. Combined with conventional autofocus with face recognition, this feature significantly enhances reliability of focus and subject tracking. EOS C70 also features the first-ever integrated auto ISO function in a Cinema EOS camera. Finally, the EOS C70 is Canon’s first movie camera with a dedicated vertical shooting mode, focusing on content creation for social media and digital signage.


Simple workflows and content storage

The EOS C70 offers a range of recording modes in 4K, UHD, 2K and Full HD. The model features two SD card slots supporting UHS-II high-speed cards and a variety of recording configurations, such as dual-card recording and relay recording without a pause. This makes it easy for content creators to manipulate their footage. For the first time in Cinema EOS cameras, different formats, resolutions and color depths of memory cards in different slots, giving a truly unprecedented flexibility in the sorting and editing stages.

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