Canon announces four professional camcorders, including 4K 50P models

Canon has announced the addition of four new models to its professional camcorder lineup. Two of them, XF405 and XF400, shoot in 4K at 50P, and the other two, XA15 and XA11, in Full HD resolution. Equipped with premium optics and high-quality CMOS sensors, and boasting an enviable array of features, these compact and lightweight cameras are suitable for a wide range of professionals.

Video cameras
Video cameras

Canon XF400

XF405 and XF400 compact, versatile 4K models

XF405 and XF400 are equipped with a new 15x optical zoom lens 25.5-382.5mm in 35mm equivalent . With one-inch CMOS sensor and dual DIGIC DV6 image processor platform, 4K/50p is supported across the zoom range. In addition, these camcorders also offer the ability to record continuously at 100 frames per second in Full HD to create a slow motion effect. Advanced features don’t stop the XF405 and XF400 from being lightweight and compact.

Built-in ND filters allow you to take great shots with shallow depth of field even in unfavorable lighting conditions. Relay and simultaneous recording to two SD cards lets you increase the shooting time or keep a parallel backup of your footage. XF405 and XF400 are equipped with HDMI and LAN terminals, XLR inputs for professional audio recording, and a remote control interface. In addition, the XF405 is equipped with 3G-SDI. Camcorders also support Wi-Fi connectivity enabling file transfer to FTP and remote camera control from mobile device with web browser.

High Speed 4K UHD/50P Recording to SD Card

The XF405 and XF400 are capable of shooting UHD video at 50P in MP4 and XF-AVC* 150Mbps bitrate and recording continuously at 100fps for slow motion playback. CMOS sensor size 1.0″ and dual DIGIC DV6 image processors for low noise and high sensitivity. The result: crisp, detailed images. Wide DR mode also captures images with a wide dynamic range up to 800% : allowing for greater detail in low- and high-light areas.


Canon XF405

First-class 4K resolution lenses with 15x zoom

Camera features a combination of new optics, sensor and optical elements to minimize unwanted artifacts. It minimizes chromatic aberrations for both cameras, resulting in incredible image quality. Both the XF405 and XF400 offer 4K resolution with an ultra-wide 25.5mm angle of view and 15x optical zoom. Advanced 30x digital zoom available for Full HD resolution – without compromising image quality. Advanced 5-axis IS technology delivers sharp footage regardless of how the camera moves. 0.8 wide conversion lens and 1.5x tele conversion lens for even more 4K and Full HD shooting options.

Fast and accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Autofocus based on Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, used in XF405 and XF400, enables fast and accurate focusing, with approximately 80% coverage of the active area. Touch screen for additional control of focus and other in-camera functions. Various modes are available, including Face Priority AF and Face Only AF, and the innovative Dual Pixel Focus Guide system that helps you focus the camera manually with visual cues.

Photo equipment

Canon XA11

XA15 and XA11 – Professional specifications, versatile capabilities

The XA15 and XA11 are equipped with a 20x zoom and are therefore suitable for shooting a wide variety of scenes in Full HD. In addition, high refractive index and ultra-low dispersion Hi-UD lenses help minimize chromatic aberrations and accurately reproduce color. A high-resolution CMOS sensor and powerful DIGIC DV4 image processor gives you great results even in low light.

In addition, both cameras support Full HD at 50P and 35Mbps. Wide DR mode Wide DR mode gives you 600% of the dynamic range for smooth color gradients and prevent overexposure.

This feature is particularly useful in situations where the boundary between shadow and light is too sharp, causing the frame to be overexposed. The wide variable shooting speed 0.4x to 1200x opens up even more expressive possibilities.

Photo equipment
Photo equipment

Canon XA15

Both cameras support AVCHD and MP4 video recording at different bitrates to two SD cards at the same time. XA15 and XA11 are also equipped with a variety of interfaces, including HDMI and headphone outputs, XLR connectors for professional audio recording and SDI XA15 only . Optional external GPS support not included as standard available.

Lightweight and compact, perfect for fast paced sequences where being able to move quickly and freely is of utmost importance to the operator. Dynamic mode includes five-axis image stabilization that compensates for optical, horizontal and vertical axis rotation, as well as up-down and right-left oscillations. This allows for smooth shooting with different types of camera movement.

Key Features

XF405 and XF400

– Capturing 4K UHD/50P video, including at increased frame rates, on SD cards

– High-quality 4K lenses with 15x zoom

– Fast and accurate autofocus based on Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology

– Wireless network connection with FTP upload and remote control support

– Compact size and light weight with professional capabilities

XA15 and XA11

– Superior optical performance

– Exceptional image quality in Full HD resolution

– Various modes for professional recording

– Professional interfaces

– Easy-to-use and compact design

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