Candy wine cabinet: 12 bottles – enough for a party?

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Keeping your favorite wine at the right temperature and humidity for years to come is now the concern of your new Candy wine cabinet.

To understand a wine is the prerogative of a true connoisseur, who knows that you should keep your favourite drink not in a bar but in a wine cabinet.

Every wine has its own ideal storage temperature. For example between +18°C and +16°C for fortified red wine, and only half as much for fortified and semi-sweet white wine, between +9°C and +7°C. In a Candy wine cabinet you can maintain these preconditions for your favorite drink with the electronic programmer which allows you to set and maintain a precise temperature within the range of +4°C to +18°C with the necessary humidity of over 65%.

Despite its very compact size only 30 cm wide this wine cabinet is quite roomy – it can hold up to 12 0.75 l bottles. Another advantage of Candy wine cabinet is horizontally placed wooden shelves, which provide constant moistening of the cork, preventing the bottle from drying out and oxygenation, deteriorating the dignity of the drink.

The wooden shelves also reduce any vibrations that can affect the slow biochemical processes that take place during storage and help avoid premature aging and oxidation of the wine.

Tinted glass doors allow for better visibility and eliminate the need to open the wine cabinet unnecessarily, thus avoiding temperature fluctuations. And the blue light protects the bottle from heat and light for perfect storage.

Now a high-tech Candy wine cabinet is responsible for storing your favorite beverage for years to come.

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