Candy SmartPro washing machines with Wi-Fi control

New Candy SmartPro washing machines can be controlled from a smartphone. They are connected via Wi-Fi for remote control.

Candy SmartPro

Wide range of washing machines with 5-8 kg load capacity and 34-44 cm deep casings.

In an app on your smartphone, you can see the time remaining before the end of the cycle and be notified when it ends. In addition, there is access to a host of helpful tips on selecting modes, removing different types of dirt, and using detergent. A personal voice assistant is available. The app offers an extended list of optional laundry programs, the ability to create your own combinations of programs and save your favorite programs for quick launch.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi module, the machine can be controlled remotely through the proprietary Candy simply-Fi app from mobile devices running on both Android and iOS.

Candy SmartPro

All models of the Candy SmartPro washing machines are equipped with user-friendly digital displays, LED-indication is a thing of the past. New program selector switch has been made more ergonomic with a new shape and different switching mechanism.

The new models have the most comprehensive set of quick programs “Delicate 59”, “Sport+ 39”, “Hygiene+ 59”, “Mixed and Colored 59”, “Perfect 59”, “Daily 49”, “Quick Eco 14/30/44” , each with a duration of less than 1 hour.

The new “Everyday 49” fast washing program: in just 49 minutes, it can wash the same amount of laundry as the standard program with the excellent results of the Active Motion System, which uses new algorithms for drum rotation.

The new washing system Active Motion System allows you to change the intensity of washing by increasing the drum rotation speed at the right moments for some programs and using a new motor. This combination makes washing more effective by increasing the mechanical action of the detergent, because it foams better and penetrates deeper into the fibers of fabrics. The system is just as effective in the rinse phase, resulting in excellent results even with programs of less than 1 hour.

Candy SmartPro washing machine

Additional useful options available directly on the control panel:

  • Extra rinse. Adds another rinse at the end of the cycle. The feature will prove useful for people with sensitive skin and for parents of babies.
  • Easy Ironing” function. Reduces thermal creases for easier ironing of laundry.
  • Treating the laundry with steam. The function available in some cycles, allows you to reduce the number of creases formed during the washing process, refresh and restore the fibers of fabrics, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors.


  • Housing color: white.
  • Maximum loading cotton : 5/6/7/8 kg.
  • Spin speed: 1000/1100/1100/1200 RPM./min.
  • Display: digital with touch screen control.
  • Power Class: A-10%, A-20%, A-30%.
  • Cabinet depth excluding protruding parts : 34/40/44 cm.
  • Built-in modules: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.
  • Type of motor: brush.
  • Door opening angle: 170⁰.
  • Number of washing programs: 16 including 9 fast .
  • Overflow protection.
  • Foam control.
  • Unbalance control.
  • Automatic load detection.
  • Country of Origin: America.

Sales launch: October-November 2020.

Price: from 19990 Dollars.

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