Candy Simply Fi washing machine: Wi-Fi helps wash

This washing machine combines a big load and compact dimensions. With a depth of only 44 cm the maximum load capacity is 8 kg. You do not need to pile up the same amount of laundry every time. In machines designed for large loads and small quantities of clothes washed better. The reason is that the big drum impregnates the cloths better with detergent, wrinkles less, places them more evenly and freely when washing. So a big load is a kind of quality mark of a good wash.

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Candy washing machine

GSF42 138TWC1-07

Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07 washing machine

Technical specifications


DIMENSIONS: 85h60h44 cm. WEIGHT: 64,5 kg.

CLASS: Washing A, Energy Efficiency A+, Spin B.

Water consumption is 55 liters, electricity consumption 1.43 kWh for a full load .

Washing: 16 programs: Mix POWER SYSTEM Perfect 20°C, Mix POWER SYSTEM 40°C intensive, Mix POWER SYSTEM 60°C super intensive, Mix POWER SYSTEM PerfectRapid 59 min. at 40°C, Fast wash 14 mins./30 min., White Cotton/Duty Cloth, Blended/Synthetic, Children’s Clothing, Rinse, Spin+Rin, Silk, Handwash, Wool, Delicate, Cotton.

DOP. MODES: Prewash, Washing level selection, Washing temperature setting, Hygiene+, Extra rinse, Easy iron, Night wash.

CONTROL: electronic interface TOUCH, digital display, delayed start for 24 hours, power on indicator, time to end of washing, delayed start indication, spin speed selection indication, loader lock, button Start Pause, spin regulation button, Night button.

RPM: spin speed 1300 rpm.

TECHNOLOGIES: SimplyFi, Mix POWER SYSTEM, Kg Check, electronic foam sensor, electronic imbalance sensor.

FEATURES: 35 cm diameter door, 180 ° opening angle, electronically controlled motor, shiatsu drum stainless steel, tank of Silitech material, overflow protection, noise level for washing 60dB(A , 76dB(A when wringing.

DESIGN: white body and chrome door.

WARRANTY: 1 year. WORK LIFE: 7 years.


Depth of 44 cm allows to place the machine with convenience in a small bathroom, which in our country is unusually many, or in the kitchen, and in a small pantry this model can be placed so that there will be room for lots of things.


The machine is equipped with the innovative Mix Power System+ technology, which ensures a powerful mixing of powder and water. The high-pressure water jet sprays the detergent solution directly on the laundry.

Injection of detergent solution at high pressure in the initial stage of washing facilitates its penetration into fabric fibers, removes dirt and provides excellent washing results.

In addition, the Vigorous Mixing System works during the rinse cycle and ensures complete removal of detergent residue from the laundry.

The Hygienic 60° program has been specially designed to remove stubborn stains already at 60°C and is suitable for washing cotton items. This is achieved by using the Mix Power System technology +.


Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07 has several short wash programs, so lightly soiled items can be washed in an extremely short time.

The shortest program is Quick 14 min.

It has a full cycle wash, rinse and spin and is ideal for washing cotton and mixed loads. It can freshen up a blouse or a white shirt you’ve only worn once. Of course, to wash heavily soiled items, you need to choose a different washing mode.


By the way, the manufacturer recommends to use only 20% of the detergent normally used for this program.

For slightly dirtier items you can choose the Quick 30 min.

A full half-hour wash cycle keeps your clothes clean and fragrant if you’ve roasted barbecue or just stood around the fire and smelled the smoke.

The program Perfect Rapid 59 Min Perfect Rapid 59 min. you can trust your clothes with a medium level of dirt. This special program provides a high quality wash with a significant reduction in cycle time. Of course, it is designed for a reduced load and will not be able to wash 8kg of clothes.


The innovative Perfect 20° Mix&Wash technology allows to wash cotton, synthetic and combi-fabrics at 20°C, with nearly the same effectiveness as washing at 40°C.

The appliance for the home

The power consumption of this program is about 50% of that of a normal wash at 40°C.


Candy washing machines have a Kg Check function. It automatically controls the required amount of water in the machine, determines the duration of washing, selects the drum rotation rhythm and controls the rinse according to the type of fabric, registers the presence of soap foam and if necessary, increases the water level during the rinse, adjusts the drum rotation speed depending on the load to avoid imbalance in the machine drum.

Kg Check selects the most suitable programme from the hundreds of possible combinations for each wash. In fact, the user only needs to specify the type of items loaded in the drum, how dirty they are and what temperature they are at in order to obtain the best results and the highest spin cycle possible for that particular load.


Candy has developed an exclusive app that makes it easy to communicate with appliances wherever you are. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module in washing machines, the user has a lot of new possibilities for control and monitoring. User-friendliness is taken to a new level, and a person who has put this way of controlling machinery into practice will never settle for less. It’s like switching from a smartphone to a phone.


Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi and the Candy simply-Fi app you can choose the best programs and options for each application. The app can “remember” your habits and preferences and give you options tailored to your needs.

You can operate your machine remotely, even when you’re away from home.

Of course, the machine won’t fill the drum with laundry or detergent by itself, but if you’ve forgotten to press the Start button in a hurry and that happens to no one in our hectic lives ? , it will let you know, and you’ll correct your mistake even if you’re already in another city or country.

Many elderly people are afraid of the unknown electronic control and always experience a little stress when it is necessary to start the machine, so they usually wash on one program, which is not very good for the quality. Without prejudice, you can run the machine running in your parents’ apartment. It takes a couple of minutes and makes everyday life easier for your loved ones.

If you’re home after you’ve finished a load of laundry, the machine prompts you to start the spin cycle later, so the laundry is fresh when you get home.

You control the operation of the machine all the time.

As you know, water is one of the biggest sources of trouble and accidents in everyday life. Washing machines are leak-proof, but many people still feel uncomfortable leaving a running washing machine in their apartment. Now you are always sort of there, and there is nothing to worry about.

You can also find out everything about the electricity and water consumption of your machine if you want to control your costs clearly.

Your habits become important even to technology.

The functions are adjusted to your habits and needs. The machine will always offer the best, but the one you choose more often will be first on the list of suggestions.


If there is a problem, you are the first to know and can take action. It also helps the dispenser know more quickly what’s wrong and how to “fix” it.

There are two ways of communicating: The appliances send the user messages about their operation and recommendations on how to use and maintain them most effectively. The user sends remote commands to the machine whenever they need it.

All in all, a Wi-Fi-enabled machine can make your daily life a lot easier. And it is extremely easy to use.


Modern washing machines are equipped with many useful options that you can choose from. Very often, the housewives do not use them, they just choose a washing program. And in vain, properly selected additional parameters can make washing even more effective. Of course, if your machine has Wi-Fi, choosing your options is easy: you don’t have to bend over to the control panel, you can do it all at the touch of your finger on your smartphone or tablet screen.

With the soiling level key it is possible to select between 3 washing intensities in several programmes .

Using the Temperature button, the temperature of the wash cycles can be changed. You will not be able to raise the temperature above the maximum programmed temperature for this program.

The Night Cycle button will make washing quieter. This option lowers the drum speed during the intermediate spin to

400 rpm if applicable , increases the water level in the drum during the rinse and leaves the laundry immersed in water after the last rinse to evenly distribute the fabric fibers. Thanks to the electronic control, the water drains silently when performing intermediate spins, which makes this option very useful when doing laundry at night.

Creases are virtually eliminated with the Easy Iron button, because this programme cancels all intermediate spins. When washing mixed fabrics, this function reduces the duration of the last spin, in the washing program for delicates and woollens, the machine will not drain and spin until the button is turned off.

Hygienic washing allows disinfecting laundry. Washing temperature reaches 60 ° C.

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