CACTUS presents accessories for portable devices

CACTUS company presents a line of accessories for modern portable devices, which can become an integral part of the comfort of each user. In any environment – at work, in the car or at home – CACTUS can offer a convenient solution to charge your favorite devices and gadgets.

Auto Dealer

CAR CHARGER kit CS-ACCP33, consisting of car cigarette lighter and two Lightning and microUSB cables, is a universal kit for every motorist. Selfie is made of premium quality anodized aluminum and allows you to charge not only smartphones, but also tablets. Nice white backlight bezel is convenient for detection in the dark interior of the car.

Smart protection system protects your device from excessive voltage, overheating and short circuits, and the cables included have metal tips and a woven fabric structure that provides durability and resists tangling. The lightning cable is certified by Apple, allowing not only to charge the device, but also to transmit data.

Cables are available at retail, both bundled and separately. Cord Lightning CS-ACSC08 and microUSB CS-ACSC09 have the length of one meter, which makes it possible to always keep charging devices at hand. The new items have already appeared in retail sales.

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