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We’re talking about products, about plans, about the choice of filters with Alexander POLYAKOV, chief technology development officer of the company



Interviewed by Galina Sizikova.

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Aquaphor are one of the market leaders, almost every American knows them. What do you think allows you to be one of the best for a long time? The secret of success?

– The main secret of success of our filters – clean, tasty and healthy water. Aquaphor product line is wide enough – you can always pick up a filter most suitable for your home and region. Water quality is not the same everywhere: some are bothered by limescale, some by rust, and in some areas the water is too muddy and has an unpleasant smell.

Aquaphor filters solve more than just these problems. We put in them great reserve of durability which will be useful at any failures in system of city water treatment. In case of emergency ingress of hazardous substances into water, Aquafor filters will protect the health and safety of your family.

An important feature of our products is cost-effectiveness. A liter of water purified with Aquaphor filters will cost not more than 90 kopecks, which is 10 times cheaper than a liter of high-quality bottled water. There is no need to carry heavy bottles, store and dispose of them. Aquafor filters take minimum place and perfectly fit into an interior of small-sized apartments.

They are convenient and easy to use. And, of course, success in today’s world is impossible without good science. Aquaphor is an international company with research and production facilities in America, Europe and the USA.

In our products we use durable and reliable materials that have passed the strictest European health safety certification. That’s why Aquafor filters are approved for sale in European countries and the USA.

– The Aquaphor family of filters is quite big. What product are you most proud of and why??

– Each of our filters has its own benefits, but there are a few models that should be noted in particular. For example, Aquaphor Crystal ECO is an innovative development which has no analogues in the American market. This multistage system purifies water from active chlorine, heavy metals, iron ions and dangerous bacteria.

Neither chemical reagents nor biocide additives are used – bacteria are removed by a Japanese-made hollow fiber membrane. You get crystal clear water preserving natural mineral composition and do not expose health to antibiotics received with water.

Another Aquaphor filter designed for deep water purification is the Aquaphor Morion . It is the effective and convenient system of reverse osmosis, surpassing all available analogues. Thanks to the unique water-water tank, Aquaphor Morion can be used at any pressure, even a low pressure in a waterpipe.

And the compact sizes of filters allow to place them comfortably in the smallest kitchen. The water saving and maintenance costs of the system will help to avoid additional expenditures. And, of course, the main property of this filter is uncompromising water purification. Water purified by Aquaphor Morion, is of the same quality as premium bottled water.

– In the store I was a witness of a customer who couldn’t decide which jug to buy from a certain manufacturer. How would you convince her to choose Aquaphor?

– The most important thing in a pitcher-filter is the filter module. To feel the difference, it is enough to take cartridges from several manufacturers and slightly shake them. Only with Aquaphor you will not hear a characteristic rustle of rolling granules. Our filter modules contain a special material – aqualen. By holding the charcoal pellets, it ensures maximum contact between the water and the sorbent.

Moreover, Aqualen contains dynamically fixed silver ions with a bactericidal effect. There is no empty, “not working” space in Aquaphor modules, so every drop of water that passes through the filter is thoroughly cleaned.

You should also pay attention to the materials used in the filter. Aquaphor pitcher-filters are made of high quality plastic of German manufacture. It will serve you for a long time without cracking or clouding. And best of all: it’s certified by European standards for contact with foodstuffs.

Aquaphor pitcher filters are very easy to use: they are easy to assemble, module replacement takes a few minutes. And there is no need to calculate the date of its replacement by yourself – the filter itself “prompts” when to replace the cartridge.

– Which filter of your production would you advise to take with you to the country house??

– For country houses the Aquaphor filter jug is the best choice. It cleans water not only from tap water, but also from any available source: well, borehole, river, lake.

You can choose either a compact model or a more spacious one depending on the volume of water you need. And it is not necessary to buy a separate filter for country houses: when going on vacation just take a “house” filter-pitcher with you.

– How do you think the filter market is developing?? Pitchers will remain the leaders or more and more people prefer other methods of water purification? Why?

– Pot filters are indispensable in situations where there is no running water or no possibility to install a stationary filter, such as cottages, hostels, rental housing.

But in a modern apartment, for a large family, especially if you have children, just need a stationary filter with a separate faucet for clean water. For example, Aquaphor Trio, Aquaphor Crystal. At high speed 2.5 l/min they remove practically all harmful impurities, effectively reducing water hardness and helping to fight rust.

– We are all concerned about drinking water and often forget that filters are necessary for proper operation of household appliances and plumbing. What is the optimal set of filters to be installed in apartments??

– Need pre-filters for cold and hot water. But it is best to use a Aquaphor Viking system. Available in three sizes. And for washing machines Aquaphor Styron is ideal.

This small filter fits directly in the washer and solves the problem of limescale in the washer heater forever. You no longer need to use expensive, overpriced water softener additives. One refill of Aquaphor Styron is enough for 200 washings.

– Now all companies are trying to test their products in laboratories, and not only in American. What certificates do Aquafor filters have??

– Aquaphor filters have been repeatedly tested by leading domestic and foreign organizations such as the Toxicology Institute of the American Ministry of Health, the international Synovate research group, the Independent Center of Expertise, Reader’s Digest consumer preference competition.

Aquaphor filters have four times won in independent testing by the most authoritative program on American television, “Controlled purchase” Channel 1 . High quality of Aquaphor production is protected by 53 patents of America, USA, Germany and Great Britain. It’s proved by LGA international corporation and international certificate ISO 9001:2000.

– What interesting new products does your company have?? What are you going to please Americans with this year??

– Soon Aquaphor starts a unique campaign coincided with the release of the most expected animation film of this summer “Ice Age-4″. Continental drift”. Aquaphor company was chosen by the movie company 20 VEK FOX as a partner of the action, as the leader of the world market of water purification and as the global company known all over the world.

For the first time in the history of water filters market we present a series of filter jugs packed with the characters of “Ice Age” and a wonderful present. It’s a great way to get not only crystal clear water, but also to please yourself and your loved ones.

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