Bread of the World by Moulinex: Bread of the world on your table

A slice of rich rustic or rich Norman brioche for breakfast, an Arabian pita or Armenian pita for a hearty lunch, a slice of German kramek with raisins or a miniature American cupcake for tea… In spite of the variety, bread is for many only the accompaniment to a main course. It’s time to change the way you think about it..


Moulinex OW613E32 Bread of the World, a baking oven that gives you endless possibilities for your culinary experiments.

Tender French baguette with crispy crust, American-style ginger rolls with raisins that melt in the mouth, hearty Borodino with a rich spicy flavour, piquant Italian ciabatta with cheese and honey, and even light Flemish raspberry pie in the best Belgian tradition… Thanks to the unique recipe book and its enormous possibilities

Bread of the World

, You will go on a journey around the world in your own kitchen!

The new bread maker from


Equipped with a convenient dispenser for additional ingredients, which greatly simplifies the process of preparation. Raisins, nuts, candied fruits, dried tomatoes, cheese or chocolate – just place them in the special vessel and the program will add them at the right moment.

OW613E32 Bread of the World

Has 19 automatic modes, offers 3 degrees of baking crust and can bake bread in three sizes 750, 1000 and 1500 grams . The novelty also copes perfectly with the preparation of pasta dough or homemade pizza, makes jams and compotes, cooks delicate jams, fruit mousses and even marmalade. The manufacturers paid special attention to the healthy menu: the Moulinex breadmaker makes wholemeal, rye and gluten-free bread, and offers detailed recipes with added fiber and omega-3 acids.

Bread of the World by Moulinex

A case made of metal, stylish and resistant, with an ergonomic cover with a practical viewing port and a multifunctional display with intuitive operation. A pleasant addition will be the “baker’s kit” spatula and hairpin and two universal forms with non-stick coating for preparation of crispy baguettes.

Bake a variety of bread for dinner and desserts with this unique recipe book featuring bread from all over the world. The graceful Italian sesame grissini, the crunchy French baguette with prunes and nuts, the sweet Belgian Kugelhopf and even the original Canadian bread with apple puree and maple syrup… Experiment with pleasure with Bread of the World!

Bread maker from


Make your life easier and fill your home with inimitable warm aroma of freshly baked bread.

Baking oven price

OW613E32 Bread of the Word by Milnex

– 9999 Dollars.

Moulinex – cooking is easy!


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