Braun TexStyle TS785STP Steam Iron Overview: Skin creases fight!

The soft-touch Textile Protector provides extra protection against high iron soleplate temperatures and lets you iron both business wear and fine linens, protecting fabrics from burnt or shiny patches. Thanks to the nozzle, you can forget about ironing through gauze.


Braun TexStyle TS785ST steam iron



POWER: 2.4 kW.

Functions: dry ironing, steam, constant steam 50gr/min, steam pressure 170gr/min, spray, vertical steam, anti-drip, anti-scaling, self-cleaning, automatic shutoff.

TREATMENT: Saphir, Soft Textile Protector, Textile Protector for delicate fabrics.

CONTROL: Thermostat, steam regulator, operation display, steam button, spray button.

CONSTRUCTION: rubber coated handle, 400 ml water tank, swivel cord, flat heel, 2.5 m cord.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 5350 Dollars.


Good iron power provides rapid heating to a given temperature, which, combined with a good steam performance can easily cope with ironing even very dry clothes.


Saphire soleplate is a galvanic alloy of chrome, nickel, zinc and aluminum, which is 4 times stronger than steel. Composition ensures high scratch resistance and excellent slip resistance. The Saphire soleplate is so durable, it can be cleaned with a metal sponge without damaging the coating. Durability of soleplate is comparable to that of sapphire, which is second only to diamond in this parameter, and soleplate is polished with sapphire granules. Steam holes are concentrated around the soleplate. But especially in the area of the heel and spout. It made for more efficient ironing in hard to reach places. The iron is equipped with two nozzles. Textile Protestor prevents clothes from burning and minimizes the risk of shine on black delicates by reducing the soleplate temperature. The soft Textile Protector pad provides extra protection against soleplate heat and lets you iron both business wear and fine linens, protecting fabrics from burns and shiny patches. Forget about ironing over gauze with the nozzle.


It has all the necessary systems, including limescale protection and automatic shutdown. Auto shut-off after 8 minutes in portrait position and 30 seconds in landscape position.

Good power, steam, safety, Saphir soleplate.

The cord can not be fixed for storage.

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