Braun SatinHair 7 Overview

Hair Dryer – 3400 Dollars., Straightener – 2890 RUB., Curling Styler – 2890 RUB., Braun SatinHair 7 ionising hairbrush – 1800 RUB. The main technology used in the series is SatinIon. Each hair is enveloped in negatively charged particles that literally attract droplets of water to themselves and therefore to the hair , removing the static electricity from the hair. In addition, each appliance of the series has its own technology to prevent hair damage during styling.

Braun SatinHair 7 blow dryer

The stylish, powerful 2200W Braun SatinHair 7 dryer keeps the heat at 70°C while delivering powerful airflow. 3 temperature settings and 2 speeds individually adjustable, also has a cool air button.

Braun SatinHair 7 ionising hairbrush

Inner ceramic module evenly distributes the hot airflow. Removable mesh filter prevents hair from getting caught in the air intake and the hair from getting damaged. The result – safety, easy care and no risk of motor overheating due to dirt. The kit includes 2 attachments: a narrow concentrator and diffuser.

Braun SatinHair 7 Straightener has adjustable heat settings from 130°C to 200°C in 5°C steps. Nanoglide ceramic floating plates with extra-smooth surface significantly reduces friction.

One of the plates is spring-supported and slides out when pressure is applied firmly to prevent damage to your hair. The 24mm wide plates heat up in 40 seconds, with auto shut-off after 30 minutes. The ceramic curling surface of the SatinHair 7 curling iron lets you create perfect curls at temperatures from 135°C to 185°C which can be set up to an accuracy of 5°C.

Ionizing hairbrush SatinHair 7 – supplement to all appliances of the series, you can take it with you and instantly “tame” electrified hair at work or while traveling.

Seamless extra-smooth teeth brush your hair gently, and a removable brush pad makes it easy to care for. Auto power-off saves batteries in case the hairbrush is accidentally switched on in your purse.

Braun SatinHair 7 Straightener

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