Braun Satin Hair 7 AS720 Styler Overview

Gone are the days when a hair dryer was just a hair dryer and a straightener was just a “hair straightener” you were afraid to trust your hair. We don’t just want to blow dry, curl and straighten our hair, we want it to stay healthy after all that work. Our hair care manufacturers respond to our wishes with new and innovative hair care technology.

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Braun Satin Hair 7 AS720 Styler

The features

POWER: 700W.

MODES: 2 speeds and temperatures of airflow, cold air.

INCLUDING: Comb attachment, round brush.

CONSTRUCTION: ergonomic handle, mesh filter, eyelet for hanging, non-heating tip, swivel cord, cord length 2m.

PRICE: 1790 Dollars.

First, Braun uses IONTEC active ionization technology to neutralize static and keep your hair at the right moisture level. But that’s not all: the body of the hair dryer-brush and the two nozzles are designed to protect your hair from breakage and damage.

What it is?

Ions are atoms that carry a positive or negative electrical charge. Our hair is positively charged, and in order to get rid of static and improve the way our hair looks, we need to neutralize the positive ions in our hair. Braun uses no passive but active negative ions, which really have the power to affect the condition of your hair. The ions generated by Braun’s IONTEC actively envelope your hairs making them smoother, and close cuticle pores.

As for the special design that protects the hair, there are two things. The first is that the nozzles use solid teeth, which means they will not catch the hair, which leads to hair damage and brittleness. Every girl who has had the misfortune to spend at least a week styling her hair with a cheap hair dryer-brush knows it. The second is the specially designed mesh filter that prevents hair from getting inside the hair dryer, which is often the case with grids.

What they promise?

Naturally, to remove static electricity, restore shine to the hair, restoring its smoothness, making it easier to style. And what’s important, this styler protects your hair from mechanical damage that can often happen during hairstyling.

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