Braun Professional Holiday Maker: MultiQuick 7 Immersion Blenders

Braun presented its new range of immersion blenders on Friday 30th November. As you know, they have quickly conquered the market and the submersible blenders have now considerably replaced their stationary counterparts as well as food processors, beating these products due to their mobility, compactness and functionality.


    Mark Fouch at work


      Michelin-starred chef Marc Fouch and the Braun MultiQuick 7 blender

          The new Braun MultiQuick 7 immersion blender differs from its predecessors by its unique Smart Speed technology. The point is that you no longer need to specifically switch speeds. Simply, the harder you push the big handy button, the faster the nozzle knife works. You don’t have to interrupt your work and search for the right speed on the switch – all control is done with one hand.

          Button is equipped with a light indicator and tamper-proof, a small child cannot turn on the blender accidentally.

          Michelin-starred chef Marc Fosh specially arrived for the presentation. With the Braun MultiQuick 7 blender, he literally made several snacks and a delicious vitamin drink in a few minutes. Editor Consumer. Home Appliances” Pauline Strizhak chatted with Marc Fosh. It turns out that the chef uses Braun MultiQuick 7 blenders not only at work, but also at home when cooking. And it has several different models. Chefs love the functionality and ergonomics of these blenders, and of course, the highest quality of their work.


          Senior brand manager of De’Longhi Group Elena KOZLOVA tells about new Braun blenders


          Light salmon appetizer – a creation of the FOSHA brand and Braun blenders

          Food Processing

          Exotic fruit smoothie – a creation of the Fosh Brand and Braun blenders

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