BRAUN Oral-B GENIUS toothbrush: Brushing right, prolonging your life

BRAUN Oral-B GENIUS is more than just a toothbrush, it’s a complete, professional all-in-one brush system based on interactive user support and remote interaction with your dentist via the free Oral-B App 5 smartphone app.0.

The BRAUN Oral-B GENIUS brush uses a smartphone front camera and has built-in motion sensors that allow you to track its movement in your mouth and monitor the entire brushing process, without missing any areas.



Genius 9000

Electric toothbrush

CONSTRUCTION: watertight handle with removable nozzles, recharged through the stand with power cord.

INSTRUCTIONS: Oral-B Cross Action for plaque removal , Oral-B Floss Action with micropulsing bristles for plaque removal between teeth , Oral-B 3D White for whitening teeth , Oral-B Sensi Ultrathin for cleaning along the gum line .

MODES: Professional, Daily Two Minute , Sensitive Delicate Brushing , 3D White, Gum Care, Tongue Hygiene.

CONTROL: On/Off button./off switch. mode switch button brushing indication, charge level radio transmission display Bluetooth .

INCLUDING: battery charger – stand with power cord, smartphone holder, USB-connector, power cord plug, inside cover with smartphone holder.

CHARGE: full charging time 15 hours., Up to 12 days of no charge brushing twice a day for 2 min . , overcharge protection.

FEATURES: Smart Ring Technology, pressure sensor, noise level of 68 dB(A .

DESIGN: Pink and gold, the Genius 9000 collection also features classic white and rugged black.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


Braun Oral-B Genius 9000 Toothbrush


Not the first electric toothbrush in my bathroom. Its main difference from its predecessor is the lighted circular indicator Smart Ring technology which can monitor and display important parameters, such as the visual timer or the pressure sensor. The timer is programmable for different modes of operation. With “Two-minute” it switches on after this time, with “Professional” it prompts in addition to the total cleaning time the time to move on to the next part of the mouth. The timer remembers elapsed cleaning time even if the brush is briefly turned off while in use. The pressure sensor monitors how hard the brush is being pressed on the teeth and signals when you want to release the pressure.

  • Brush offers different brushing modes, the selected one is shown on the display. The next time you use the toothbrush, it automatically restarts in the last setting you selected.
  • A sensor is built into the handle of the toothbrush, which, through a mobile app, detects the location of the toothbrush and helps you brush your teeth, and allows you to track your brushing progress and create customized settings.
  • 3D technology, combining reciprocating motion and pulsation, recognized as one of the best for plaque removal. Pulsating action loosens plaque and reciprocating action sweeps it away.
  • The round nozzle lets you clean every tooth thoroughly, removing bacterial plaque even from the hardest to reach places.
  • Scrub zone sensors clean all areas of the mouth evenly, including the back molars and the right side of the lower jaw, usually neglected by right-handers.
  • The Smart Ring personalization system allows you to choose from 12 colors and customize the Oral-B GENIUS to your taste, mood, and style.
    Braun Oral-B Genius 9000 Toothbrush

    Braun Oral-B Genius 9000 Toothbrush

    Toothbrush Braun Oral-B Genius 9000

    Megasonex Toothbrush

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