Braun Face 2-in-1 Pore Cleanser & Precision Waxer Overview

The Braun Face is a revolutionary two-in-one beauty tool that combines two functions: precise root and root removal of facial hairs and deep pore cleansing with a brush. You only need to change nozzles.


For Personal Care

Braun Face 2-in-1 Pore Cleanser & Precision Hair Removal

Instead of tweezers and waxing

Small and efficient, it removes even invisible hairs and delivers ultimate precision when epilating eyebrows, upper lip, or chin. 10 micro tweezers make 200 spectacular movements per second, removing shorter hairs than those that lend themselves to waxing. Epilate your face ten times faster with Braun Face than with standard tweezers.

Your Beauty Therapist

With a simple nozzle change the Braun Face Epilator becomes a pore cleanser. Braun Face brush cleans more effectively than a face scrub, gently removes makeup and gets rid of impurities. Its 100 micro bristles vibrate hundreds of times a minute to impact your skin. After treatment, facial products are absorbed more deeply and work more effectively. For maximum results, use the Braun Face brush in the shower after first applying facial cleanser. Braun Face is so compact slightly larger than normal mascara , it can easily fit in your purse and keep you looking beautiful, even when you travel.

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