Bosch Styline series: breakfast is beautiful

  • Bosch Styline TWK86 kettle gives you the choice of brewing temperature for every kind of tea.
  • The Bosch Styline TKA8 drip coffee maker ensures optimum taste by automatically adjusting the brewing time according to the amount of water in.
  • The Bosch Styline TAT86 toaster ensures evenly toasted toast thanks to its quartz heating elements and automatic temperature control in the toasting chamber.

When impeccable style, innovative technology and German quality come together to create impeccable taste, it’s easy to guess you’re dealing with Bosch. When your cup of coffee or tea is aromatic and the golden toast is crispy, you have the new Bosch Styline breakfast collection.

This time, Bosch engineers have joined forces to create a flawless series of breakfast appliances with a unified style to flatter the look of any kitchen. Kettle Styline TWK86, drip coffee maker Styline TKA8 and toaster Styline TAT86, presented in black or white, and though they are called small household appliances, they do not hide any small features.

Tea as it should be

Bosch TWK 8611 Electric Kettle

Not everyone knows that different teas require different water temperatures. While black tea thrives on steeped water for its flavor and aroma, white and green teas need between 60 and 80°C. That’s why the Bosch Styline TWK86 kettle gives you the option of selecting one of four temperature modes for heating water: 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C. While it works, an indicator light shows both the mode selected and the temperature of the water in the kettle.

Repeated boiling of water leads to sludge and limescale buildup, but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of things we don’t have time to make tea right after boiling. No such problem with the new Styline kettle! Thanks to the kettle Bosch Styline TWK86 offers the opportunity to choose one of the four temperature modes of heating water: 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C Keep Warm Function, the device is able to maintain the desired temperature for 30 minutes.

In addition to all of the above, the Bosch TWK86 is equipped with an electronic control panel, ergonomic soft touch handle and acoustic signal when the set temperature is reached.

For true coffee connoisseurs

Small appliances for the kitchen

With the advanced technology of the Bosch Styline TKA8 drip coffee maker, every cup of coffee is a work of art. For example, did you know that for perfect coffee the brewing temperature and the temperature at which it is kept hot must be different?? New appliance combines two heating systems called DualHeating System: one of them heats water to brewing temperature of 92-96 ° C, while the second keeps the temperature of the finished drink at 80-85 ° C. Moreover, the brewing function Aroma Volume Automatic automatically senses the amount of water in the brew and adjusts the brewing time for an optimum flavour.

And to completely conquer the heart of any coffee drinker, the Bosch engineers added a programmable timer: from now on, when you wake up, freshly brewed coffee will be waiting for you in the kitchen!

The perfect toaster for perfect toast

Small appliances for the kitchen

What a perfect toast should be like? Golden, crispy, evenly toasted… You could go on and on with the epithets or just try the toast made in Bosch Styline TAT86! Four quartz heating elements distribute the heat evenly over the whole surface of the toast for perfect toasting. To ensure that a perfect result is achieved even when the appliance is used several times in succession, the frying time is regulated by a special AutoHeat Control probe.

But that’s not all: the Styline toaster is capable of defrosting bread taken out of the freezer, after which it automatically switches to the preset mode.

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