Bosch Relaxx’x ProPower BGS52530 Overview


The combination of high power and low noise level, large handy dust bag, minimal maintenance and no consumables, electronic power control.

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With such a high power will work great turbo brush, but it must be purchased separately if necessary.

Overview of vacuum cleaner Bosch Relaxx'x ProPower BGS52530 Bosch_Relaxx_ProPower_BGS52530

Bosch Relaxx’x ProPower BGS52530 vacuum cleaner without dust bag


POWER: max. 2500 W.

FILTERING: GORE™ CLEANSTREAM membrane filter, HEPA 13 washable filter, SensorBaglessTM automatic filter cleaning system.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: SensorBagless, Sensor Control indicator, electronic power control with rotary knob, auto-reeling cord.

CONSTRUCTION: noise insulation system SilenceSound SystemTM , optimal airflow system RobustAir™, effective range 11 m, plastic dust container 3 l, 4 mobile rollers, soft bumper, ergonomic handle, vertical parking the tube, carrying handle.

Complete set: telescopic metal tube, nozzles: SilentClean carpet, upholstery, crevice.

COLOR: black and red.

WEIGHT: 6,7 kg without implements.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


The whole process of developing vacuum cleaners with SilenceSound SystemTM was devoted to reduce noise, while maintaining high power and quality of cleaning. Every element from brush to grill is designed with noise reduction in mind. The optimized airflow and the practically airtight joints between the pipe, hose and nozzle effectively reduce the noise level. The motor is encased in a sound-absorbing shell so that only the faintest sound can pass through. The specially designed and sealed SilentClean brush is especially quiet because it features a honeycomb structure on the inside to reduce vibration.

The GORE™ CLEANSTREAM membrane filter with large filtration area is made with high-tech materials and is built to last for the life of the cleaner. Dust and dirt cannot penetrate the filter. It retains up to 99.5% of dust on the outer surface of the membrane, allowing air to pass through the vacuum cleaner’s systems unimpeded. The automatic filter cleaning system effectively removes dirt and dust from the filter surface: sensors control the vacuum cleaner’s performance level and if it drops, this serves as a signal to the clever electronics that the filter is dirty. Then the Sensor Control indicator lights up red and the self-cleaning begins: the filter surface vibrates, and dirt and dust are removed from the filter. The HEPA filter is only a tiny percentage of dust that reaches the outlet. The filter is washable and does not need to be replaced.

The container is emptied with one hand. Despite the very high maximum power, the vacuum cleaner is quiet, with a noise level of 74 dB.

It is worth noting the large volume of the dust container and the fact that you can clean it in just 2-3 movements.


: 15,990 Dollars.

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