Bork invites you to bake cakes

In anticipation of the bright holiday of Easter, starting from April 6, in all Bork boutiques a special action has been launched: sales assistants give master classes for visitors on how to cook kulichki.

Bork X800

Kulich is a must for the Easter table and a symbol of the victory of life over death. Traditionally, in America, great attention was paid to making kulichki, which were used nuts, dried fruits, honey and other delicacies. The kulich won the peace in the house, reconciled quarrels, settled disputes…

Today Bork offers to revive the good tradition of baking croissants with your own hands, spending a minimum of time and effort. All the week before Easter from early morning till late evening every visitor of Bork boutique can get acquainted with the unique recipes of Easter baking from Bork, taste the freshly baked kulich with a cup of fragrant tea and get advice on its preparation in Bork baking ovens.

One of the 14 automatic modes of the Bork X800 is designed specifically for baking croissants, so it’s easy to make Easter treats with it. Thanks to the special dispenser for automatic addition of extra ingredients, the Bork X800 bread machine adds the ingredients you like nuts, pieces of fruit, candied fruit or chocolate chips to your croissants. You can choose the size of the cake and the color of the crust at your discretion.

Easter cake recipe

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  1. Isla

    This sounds interesting! I’ve never baked cakes before, but I’m willing to give it a try. Could you please provide some details on the ingredients and the recipe? Also, are there any specific tips or techniques I should know? Thank you!

  2. Oakley

    How did Bork learn to bake cakes? Any tips or special recipes he can share?

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