BORK: fan on the table – turbulent flow in the room


BORK introduces a new collection of table fans presented by models BORK P510, BORK P511 and BORK P512. Using a patented system of planetary rotation of the blades, BORK table fans allow easy and efficient control of air circulation throughout the room. Each model is an individual design based on a unique BORK style with an emphasis on professional performance and long service life.

Efficiency of traditional fan is always strictly limited to a single direction of blowing. A revolutionary solution from BORK, the patented planetary rotation of the blades creates turbulent airflows and provides record-breaking air circulation throughout the room.

The blades of the latest BORK P510, BORK P511 and BORK P512 fans rotate in all planes of the spherical volume, which increases air circulation by 40% with less energy. Record-breaking aerodynamic efficiency is achieved in the compact size of each model and low noise levels.

The design of each model of BORK table fans is based on the polished, rigorous, monolithic style of the company. A number of design innovations along with the metal housing and protective grid add to the durability of BORK fans and increase their safety.

The variety of engineering and design solutions in each BORK tabletop fan model allows you to find the best option depending on individual preferences of the user.

Absolute safety is guaranteed by the highest level of assembly and the use of only quality materials. A two-year warranty on all models in the new tabletop fan collection reinforces the legendary reliability of BORK appliances.

Table fans BORK P510, BORK P511 and BORK P512 will be available in spring 2011.

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