Blockbuster 8K format and other masterpieces from JVC

JVC introduced to the world a major upgrade to its cinema lineup! The DLA-N5, DLA-N7 and DLA-NX9, featuring the latest D-ILA 4K matrix and an upgraded e-shift, will be available in major markets worldwide by the end of October.

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The last model on this list deserves a special mention: This is the first 8K home cinema projector with a high-resolution lens, capable of offering cinephiles unprecedented picture clarity even on wide diagonal screens. The combination of brightness, contrast and an unparalleled color gamut – the realism of this device is beyond belief!

The medium range representative – the DLA-N7 with an original 4K sensor 4096×2160 – stands out from the majority of competitors with stunning color reproduction and amazing accuracy in the display of the smallest details of the original video. From now on there will be new quality standards for the entire industry! The DLA-N5 is slightly behind its smaller 4K counterpart in key specifications, but still brings home theater owners a relatively reasonable price – all the benefits of 4K HDR have never been so affordable.




All three models have already acquired all the certificates of conformity due to the devices of this kind, are compatible with a variety of 3D-accessories, and, in fact, is a unique embodiment of the most advanced technology companies JVC. You don’t have to be a prophet to understand that the official release of this lineup will divide the history of the projector industry into “before” and “after”. We can talk about the merits of the series for a long time, but for now let’s briefly review the key features of the new line.

* An 8K e-shift DLA-NX9 that surpasses 4K high-definition video.

* The latest D-ILA 4K original 0.69″ 4096*2160 .

* High-resolution lens with glass elements number of elements/groups: 18/16 in an aluminum frame DLA-NX9 .

* New Auto Tone Mapping feature that automatically adjusts for optimum HDR10 image quality.

* Compatible with HDR technology to greatly enhance image realism.

* Bright up to 2200 Lm , clear and dynamic image.

* A native contrast ratio of 100,000:1 equals a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

* Colorful images with a wide color gamut surpassing DCI P3 DLA-NX9, DLA-N7 .

* An upgraded Clear Motion Drive technology supporting 4K60P 4:4:4 .


In fact, each of these points above is worthy of a separate discussion – so much impressive work has been done by JVC engineers! No doubt, the appearance on sale of a new generation of projectors will be a huge event in the life of the American market, and demand for them, apparently, will be truly impressive. Be patient, we won’t have long to wait!

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