Biryusa 129 refrigerator review

Designed for quick cooling of large quantities of food, such as those brought from the supermarket. Also perfect for chilling drinks, salads, and other things before guests arrive.

The tempered glass shelves are height-adjustable and can bear up to 40 kg of load.

Biryusa 129Biryusa_129_zakrytyj

Dual-compressor refrigerator with “Fast freezing” and “Fast cooling” functions Biryusa 129




Three color options: white, metallic, matte graphite.

Independent control of the refrigerating and freezer compartments.

Biryusa 129Biryusa_129_otkrytyjt


Electronic control system, temperature regulation accuracy: 1°C.

Separate control of the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment.

When going on vacation or vacation to country house, you can switch off one of the refrigerator chambers while the second will operate in the same mode which will make it possible to save the electric power.

Audible alarm in case of not tightly closed door of the refrigerating chamber.

Light alarm of temperature increase in the freezing chamber.



Fast freezing with automatic shutdown in 48 hours.

The temperature falls below -25°C providing super-fast so-called blast chilling which helps to preserve as much as possible all the vitamins and nutrients in the foods. After two days the mode switches off automatically and the temperature in the freezer compartment returns to the previously set value.

Freezing capacity: 12 kg/day.

Cold storage in case of power failure: 17 hours.

In the case of power failure during this time the temperature in the freezer will not rise above -9 ° C, which ensures the safety of frozen foods.

Refrigerating chamber

Automatic defrosting system.

Fast cooling mode up to 0 … +2°C with automatic shutdown in 6 hours.

Designed for quick refrigeration of large quantities of food, such as those brought from the supermarket. Also ideal for chilling drinks, salads, etc. before guests arrive.

Height-adjustable tempered glass shelves capable of supporting up to 40 kg.


Refrigerant: R-600a.

Energy Class A, electricity consumption per year: 347 kW∙h.

Climate class N.


2 compressors.

The possibility of re-hanging the doors.

Noise level no higher than 41 dB.

Height-adjustable legs, rear casters.

SIZES: 207h60h62,5 cm.

VOLUME: 380 l.


Freezer compartment: 135 l.


WARRANTY: 3 years.

Price: 16 700 Dollars.

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Biryusa 129
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