Best gadgets for PocketBook teachers

The world celebrates Teacher’s Day on October 5. This is a kind of a day of gratitude to those who not only help you to learn the basics in various sciences, but also teach you how to cope with various everyday situations. The modern trend in the education system has been the use of various gadgets that facilitate the work of the teacher and help more efficient use of personal time in preparation for lessons. We have compiled a selection of devices that are becoming increasingly popular among teachers.




Electronic reader

One of the most essential gadgets in teachers’ arsenal – electronic reader. Teachers and science people are confronted daily with a flood of information and an endless number of textbooks. Electronic Ink reader, absolutely safe for eyesight, allows you to comfortably read large amounts of information for a long time. The built-in memory of the device, which weighs only about 190 grams, is enough to store about 2000 books, and a full battery of the reader enough for a month of active reading. PocketBook devices allow you to read literature in all popular text formats, and the latest innovation of the company, PocketBook 840, allows you to work with tables and excellent PDF-format, which is digitized most textbooks. Thanks to the reader it is possible to make notes in the text, to save bookmarks, and preinstalled dictionaries allow to work with original texts all over the world.


Today it is impossible to surprise anyone with a tablet, but thanks to a huge number of various applications, such a device can be adapted to the peculiarities of the profession. Notepads, organizers, time-managers are useful for teachers. In addition, in recent years are gaining popularity online communities for teachers to help navigate the various issues. Some of them also give an opportunity to communicate with students’ parents. The tablet with the right set of applications will be a valuable assistant to the teacher.

Interactive whiteboard

This touch screen, along with a projector, has been used in many educational institutions for quite some time. With the device it is possible to demonstrate the material of the lesson, to carry out various tests, show foreign films with subtitles for a large audience.

A device to muffle cell phone signals

Modern youth has long ago learned how to effectively use the Internet always and everywhere. And if when preparing homework information published online can be very useful, then in the classroom and even more so when writing tests the effect is the opposite, because this online tipster makes it impossible to objectively check your knowledge. Cell phone signal muting device can help teachers stop cheating attempts. Its use in educational institutions provides additional motivation for students to prepare more responsibly for the subject.


Maintaining various documentation, memos and other written work often requires teachers to both hand-write and work on a computer. Recorder Pen combines two processes and turns handwritten text into typewritten text. Manuscripts can easily be converted into electronic format with minimal time commitment.

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