Beko refrigerators – silver keeps the food safe

Beko CNK 32000 fridge is highly technological: the model belongs to energy class A and is equipped with a cooling system Full No Frost, thanks to which the cold is evenly distributed in each compartment, which significantly improves the quality of food storage. In addition, such a cooling system protects the inner walls of the chambers from the formation of ice, and food – from frost. With the Full No Frost system, the defrosting process is no longer a tedious procedure.

The inner walls of Beko CNK 32000 refrigerator are coated with Ag+ antibacterial layer with silver particles, providing reliable protection against the growth of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, and as a consequence, protection against bad smells. Thus, in a refrigerator Beko CNK 32000 food is stored in a more hygienic environment and retains its freshness and useful properties longer.

The model is equipped with height-adjustable shelves which allow to use the effective area of the fridge as much as possible. The shelves are made of tempered glass, thus being more resistant to scratches and capable of withstanding quite a heavy load. And their special bezel prevents spilled liquid from spilling onto the lower shelves. Also the model is equipped with a chrome shelf for bottles, which is not only very convenient, but also beautiful.

Temperature retention time without electricity – 19 hours.

The recommended retail price of the model Beko CNK 32000 – 18 990 Dollars.

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