BEKO MWB 2510 EX – with oven for life!

It often happens that the microwave oven does not “fit” in the kitchen. You have to look for the “right” place for it alas, it is not always found , the device clutters up the valuable kitchen space. There is a way out – the new BEKO 2510 EX fully integrated microwave oven with grill. You just “hide” it in the kitchen furniture. That’s all. No more problems. Only pleasant culinary experiences with the food you cook in it.

The new BEKO MWB 2510 EX built-in microwave oven has an oven cavity of 25 liters. It can hold even quite large foods poultry, for example – not just a bowl of soup.

The maximum power of the microwave oven BEKO MWB 2510 EX in microwave mode – 900 W. The user is free to set the power required for cooking a particular dish. There are five power levels. Grill capacity 1200 W. Note that the grill power is also adjustable two levels .

In the microwave oven BEKO MWB 2510 EX you can not only heat up food often “microwaves” are used for this purpose , but also fully cook. “Microwave cooking” is rapidly developing nowadays: books with recipes for microwave ovens are issued, even world cooking championships in cooking with microwaves are held.

The BEKO MWB 2510 EX has several cooking modes including three automatic . There is also a function “defrosting”. The new BEKO MWB 2510 EX Microwave Oven gives you the best possible results on the culinary front!

The design of the new built-in microwave oven BEKO MWB 2510 EX provides a modern and convenient electronic control system. There is a display which shows the cooking process: the operating mode set, the power, the time left to the end of the cooking process.

There is an option “Quick start”: the oven turns on full power, each pressing of the corresponding button – plus a few seconds to the cooking time.

The Beko Company takes care not only about the functionality of their appliances, but also about their easy operation and unpretentiousness. Stainless steel control panel and door of the new BEKO MWB 2510 EX microwave oven has a special coating, which minimizes the risk of leaving fingerprints on the microwave. There is an internal oven cavity illumination – the user has a possibility to visually control the process of cooking.

The new fully built-in microwave oven BEKO MWB 2510 EX is a modern way to prepare various delicacies. In the kitchen it will be invisible, but irreplaceable helper. To live “tasty” – you need BEKO MWB 2510 EX!

Recommended price: 11 690 Dollars.

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