Beko fridges: the premium class returns

Beko” company announces the launch on American market of a new line of premium side-by-side refrigerators. The GNE 45730 FX and GNE 114610 FX models have a large capacity 178x93x74 cm and 182x92x76.5 cm , are equipped with new features providing unprecedented food storage quality and convenience of use, and have a strict and practical design that emphasizes the functionality of the models.

MATERIALS AND CONTROLS. The tempered impact-resistant glass shelves and chrome bottle holder are easy to clean and the stainless steel exterior of the refrigerators has a special anti-fingerprint finish. Models GNE 45730 FX and GNE 114610 FX are equipped with electronic control with LCD that provides information about the operation mode and temperature in the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment.

SERVICE FUNCTIONS. Thanks to the Full No Frost system that evenly distributes cooled air throughout the volume of the chamber, the food in the refrigerators of the new series remain fresh for a long time. In a special “fresh zone” is maintained at zero temperature, which allows you to keep foods such as meat or fish longer without resorting to freezing.

A special container for storing fruits and vegetables, which is illuminated by a blue light. This exclusive Beko technology extends the photosynthesis process in fruits and vegetables, allowing them to retain their vitamins and stay fresh and juicy for longer.

In addition, the GNE 45730 FX and GNE 114610 FX are equipped with a built-in odor-eliminating ionizer.

Antibacterial coating of the inner walls with Ag+ silver particles and a special antibacterial filter prevent the growth of bacteria, allowing you to keep food fresh and healthy for a longer period of time. The 4-door GNE 114610 FX having touch control differs from the 2-door GNE 45730 FX by the greater working capacity of the freezing chamber 184 l as compared with 152 l . In addition, it is equipped with a special twist mechanism TWIST for making ice.

FEATURES. models GNE 114610 FX have a built-in mini-bar and dispenser for water and ice – a stylish and practical solution of BEKO engineers, who put technology at the service of your comfort.

Now to quench thirst or add ice to the glass with a cocktail, do not have to open the door of the refrigerator. Simply press the button!

The recommended retail price for the model GNE 114610 FX is 89990 Dollars., GNE 45730 FX – 7990 Dollars.

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