BBK TVs screen has become like a big smartphone

In 2012 BBK Electronics presents an absolutely new unique interface In’Ergo, specially designed for BBK LED TVs, taking into account the preferences of American and CIS consumers. In the tradition of BBK’s famous In’Ergo series of DVD technology, the new interface is user friendly and easy to use. It embodies all the modern trends in human interaction with electronic devices.


In’Ergo is a new level of interface development for TV set in terms of design and ergonomics. Friendly colorful menu is fully russified and allows you to simplify the process of controlling technology, making it enjoyable and as effective as possible.

Friendly OSD menu

Intuitive menu makes it easier to interact with the device

– New user-friendly menu structure with logical grouping of main settings was developed. Navigating through menus is now as easy as possible.

– Three-level setup menu shows all structure on one screen. It’s easier to navigate because it’s clearer and less confusing to navigate.

– Different settings adjustment process became clearer and easier. Menu items now have colorful, detailed, and high-resolution icons, making navigation much faster.

Modern HD media player

Now watching your favorite videos is even more enjoyable

– Completely redesigned built-in HD media player menu. It is implemented according to the principle of modern smart phones. Large color icons make it easy to select the features you need on an intuitive level.

– Improved existing functions: playback control, subtitles and audio channels switching is much more convenient.

– Added ability to display full information about video file playback.

– Added ability to create your own playlist.

– Improved Browser function information about the files stored on a USB-drive connected to the device – navigation through the USB flash drive has become more convenient.

Convenient remote control

Comfortable, functional and ergonomic remote control for easy operation

– Brand new remote control design.

– The back surface of the remote control is coated with a special compound rubberized using nanotechnology*, which makes it pleasant to hold in your hand and is less prone to scratches and damage from accidental bumps and drops. The cover also prevents the remote from slipping out of your hand.

– The remote control has new shortcut keys that make everyday TV use even more comfortable.

Computers & Peripherals

* – except for white remote control models.

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