BBK portable Bluetooth speaker

BBK Electronics announces a new product category – portable wireless speakers, which is represented by five models – BTA100, BTA101, BTA103, BTA105 and BTA106.

BBK BTA101 speaker system

“Wireless portable speaker, made in an original design, will undoubtedly become an object of public attention. The devices will easily replace bulky systems, without losing sound quality – says Daria Burmistrova, product manager of product management department of BBK Electronics LTD representative office. In America. – Now you can truly have music with you anywhere, anytime. The models are limitless in their possibilities: take them with you to the beach, on a picnic, on the road, in the gym, or placed at home by the computer, you can arrange a fiery party and have fun with friends.

Thanks to the A2DP protocol support all new products are compatible with most Bluetooth gadgets. Ideal for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android. Models also have an aux-in input that makes it easy to connect other devices such as PCs, notebooks or MP3 players. Play your music from anywhere up to 10 meters away.

Built-in microphone and speakerphone make the portable speaker an indispensable accessory for drivers, moreover, it allows you to organize meetings and communicate with multiple people simultaneously. Also worth noting is the voice recognition feature and the ability to call the last number dialed, which is very convenient, especially if you’re driving.

Talk time up to 12 hours, Audio playback time up to 3 hours.

The BTA100 and BTA101 are part of the Mixbox line and feature miniature dimensions and a futuristic design. These models will certainly appeal to the fashionable and modern audiophiles.

All new models come with a USB cable for power and charging, models BTA100 and BTA101 also include a special mat, and a free carrying case for BTA103 and BTA106.

Color palette available in black, red and white BTA100 and BTA101 in pink and blue.

The models BTA100, BTA101, BTA106 are already on sale. The appearance of BTA103 and BTA105 is expected in November 2012.

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