BBK dishwashers

BBK dishwashers. Unexpectedly?

9 or 12 place settings, 6 wash programs, “fast” program – everything is provided for high quality washing of dishes.

BBK 45-DW114D ot

BBK 45-DW114D is a freestanding dishwasher with a width of just 45 cm. Ideal for families of 3 to 5 people. The unit holds 9 loads of dishes and has 6 wash programs.

It is not difficult to control the dishwasher, it has a convenient control panel with LED-display. Can be locked in case you have children or restless pets.

BBK 45-DW114D

If you need to wash a few cups or mugs in a hurry, so that you don’t get distracted by this task later, you can use the program of express washing. In addition, there is a program of delayed start, which will rescue many housewives. You can set the right time for your dishes and have them thoroughly washed by the due date.

The dishwasher has two handy baskets for normal and large-sized items. A third line is dedicated to cutlery.

Also includes a funnel for salt, a hose for the water and an instruction manual.

BBK 60-DW115D

The BBK 60-DW115D dishwasher is 60 cm wide and also designed for independent installation, but unlike the previous option is better suited for a large family.

The device holds 12 sets of dishes, supports delayed start and 6 washing programs. With good power and the ability to use the “3 in 1”, you do not have to worry that some spoon or glass will not wash well.

bbk 60-DW115D -otk

A big advantage of this dishwasher is its cost effectiveness. Thanks to energy efficiency class A, the device consumes little electricity. To the list of pluses of this model one can add the function of control panel lock, the average water consumption, the availability of three baskets, a relatively small weight only 48 kg .

The laconic design deserves special attention. BBK dishwashers are suitable for classic and modern kitchen interiors.

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