Ballu convectors: Same power in compact dimensions

In 2018, the range of Ballu electric convectors has expanded with two exclusive design options: Camino Eco Turbo and Solo Turbo. Ballu convectors are manufactured at the Izhevsk Plant of Thermal Engineering, this model has a mechanical control unit with a wattage range of 1000 to 2500 W for heating rooms up to 30 m



Ballu Solo Turbo

Compared to the previous models – Camino Eco and Solo, the size of the new 2000W is now 28% smaller.

Retaining the same power by using the patented Hedgehog monolithic heating element.

With very compact dimensions, the Ballu Camino Eco Turbo and Solo Turbo convectors heat up to the set temperature 20% faster. At the same time, the heat does not burn, and soft comfortable warms, thanks to the reduced temperature of the element and convector body by 15%.

The convectors have a high IP24 degree of moisture protection, an overheat sensor and a tip-up protection system that automatically stops the operation of the convector as soon as it is tilted 40°. They guarantee stable and reliable operation of convectors.

Camino Eco Turbo

Safe and environmentally friendly convector does not burn oxygen and also works silently, which allows it to be used in both commercial and residential areas. Like the previous series, the new convectors Camino Eco Turbo and Solo Turbo have enlarged the air intake area in the lower part of the devices thanks to the innovative INTAKE technology.

Included with the convector are the legs for installation on the floor. And by purchasing a set of universal brackets you can install the convector on the wall.

Solo Turbo

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