Ballu AP-410F7 Air Cleaner Overview

Climate Complexes

Excellent price/performance ratio, reliable filtration system, maximum air purity.

Climate control equipment

Titanium oxide filter must be replaced.

Air Cleaner Ballu AP-410F7


PERFORMANCE: 110 m3/ch.

POWER: 56 W.

FILTERS: Pre-Carbon inlet , HEPA, VOC carbon + zeolite , titanium oxide photocatalytic with UV lamp , ionizer.

CONTROL: electronic buttons – UV lamps ionizer on/off timer on/off filter zeroing fan speed selection on/off of device. Indicators – filter age, need to change filters, timer, fan speed, operation of the appliance.

COMFORT: automatic determination of the degree of contamination of the filters, timer switches off 1-7 hours , three power modes. Minimal distance from any side of the device to objects and surfaces – 20 cm.

NOISE LEVEL: 40/43/50 dB.

DIMENSIONS: 308x366x188 mm.

WEIGHT: 4,16 kg.

COLOR: white.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


This air cleaner cleans the air from dust, pet hair, pollen, dust mites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, spores of fungi and mold, hazardous volatile chemical compounds and all kinds of unpleasant odors.

In addition, the air at the outlet can be ionized: it is filled with negatively charged aeroions, becoming more useful to health. It is also possible to turn off the ionizer and ultraviolet lamp.

Pre-filter needs to be replaced every 3-6 months 190 rbl. . Lifetime HEPA filters 780 Dollars . and VOC 470 rbl. – 6-12 months. Once or twice a year the photocatalytic filter, which costs about 470 Dollars, should be replaced.

Controlled by touch keys, for precise adjustment. Built-in internal element cleanliness monitoring system monitors the condition of the filters and prompts when it is time to replace them. The cleaner has three power modes that can be changed depending on the degree of air pollution. Built-in timer allows you to program the unit – from one to seven hours of automatic operation.

The device is made in white glossy color and blends seamlessly into any interior.

4500 Dollars.

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