Automatic bread machine Rolsen RBM-1333

Baker Rolsen RBM-1333 can handle any baking brilliantly! What’s more, it kneads the dough by itself. You just need to prepare the food and load the ingredients into the container and start the program.

Baking Bread Rolsen RBM-1333

Baker Rolsen RBM-1333 facilitates and beautifies everyday life, allows you to indulge your loved ones without the tedious hassle of fresh baking.

Fully automatic, with a temperature, time and baking programs that work with perfect precision and are very easy to use. It requires a minimum of effort: you only need to load the ingredients and select the desired program. Further the oven itself will carry out a full cycle from battering to baking. You just have to enjoy freshly baked bread.

In the baker Rolsen RBM-1333 12 different programs of baking, which will help to realize the most daring culinary fantasies – muffins, gluten-free bread, jam, muffins, wholemeal bread, French baguette, and much more. The degree of crusting will be determined solely by your preferences three degrees of crusting .

Its power is 550 W and its removable non-stick mould makes it very easy to clean. The LCD display shows the time and selected recipe and you can always see the progress of the product through a window in the lid. The delay timer of up to 13 hours allows you to add all the ingredients in the evening and enjoy fresh baked goods in the morning.

– Baking dish 1,5 – 2 L 650-800 g

– 12 automatic programs

– Dispenser for automatic addition of ingredients

– On-delay timer for up to 13 hours

– LCD display

– Electronic control

– 220-230 V, ~50/60 Hz, 550 W

– Selectable bread size

– 3 different toasted crusts

– Memory on power failure

– The function of maintaining temperature for 60 minutes

– Removable form for baking with non-stick coating

– Includes teaspoon and tablespoon, measuring jug, recipes

Suggested retail price: 3400 Dollars.

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