Audio-Technica introduced a new version of the headphones ATH-CK313M – ATH-CK323M

The new version of the model ATH-CK313M – ATH-CK323M – has an original cup design and excellent sound insulation. In October, Japanese company Audio-Technica introduced the new ATH-CK323M headphones, which are an upgrade of the ATH-CK313M model. The headphones are made in the form of earphones and are sold in white.


The novelty shows excellent technical characteristics for its class. The sound range of the headphone is from 20 to 23 000 Hz, the maximum input power is 40 mW, the sensitivity is 100dB, impedance 16 ohm.

Thanks to the original design of the cups ATH-CK323M fits comfortably and securely in the ear. Peculiarities of headphones design provide excellent level of sound insulation. Traditionally high Japanese quality is evident in every part of the model, from the plug to the drivers.

Buy Audio-Technica ATH-CK323M headphones in America today.

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