Atlant CMA 70C1010-01 washing machine: with ‘thin waist’ and gets cleaner!

The new Atlant CMA 70C1010-01 washing machine from the series Smart|action to a depth of 48 cm is designed for a fairly large load – up to 7 kg of laundry from cotton. The appliance is suitable for bachelors and newlyweds, as well as for large families, where there is always a lot of laundry.

Reduced depth allows to choose the best place to place the appliance in the house or apartment. And a pleasant appearance allows you to use for this purpose is not only a secluded place, the machine is not necessary to hide, you can put it even in the kitchen.


Washing machines

Atlant CMA 70C1010-01 Washing Machine

Main characteristics

Front narrow washing machine, a depth of 48 cm with a load capacity up to 7 kg of laundry made of cotton.

Loading: 7 kg.

Washing: class A.

Spin: C, 1000 rpm.

Energy Class: A++. Due to the constructive innovations, the power consumption has been reduced and corresponds to the highest energy efficiency class.

Programs: Cotton 90, 60, 40, 30, 20⁰C , synthetic 60, 40, 30, 20⁰C , wool 40,30,20⁰C , hand wash 30, 20⁰C ,mixed fabrics 40, 30, 20⁰C , sports shoes 30, 20⁰C , children’s clothing 90, 60, 40, 30, 20⁰C , shirts/jeans 40, 30, 20⁰C , dark clothes 40, 30, 20⁰C , outerwear 30, 20⁰C , silk 30, 20⁰C ..

Additional modes: prewash, intensive, night mode, prewash, eco wash, easy ironing, delayed start 24 hour timer . ,

Price – 12 310 Dollars.



How to wash?

Machine programs allow flexibility in the process of washing, choosing the optimum mode that will take into account the peculiarities of fabrics and clothes.

Washing cotton is a basic cycle for many families. The washing machine 70C1010-01 has the ability to select the program with water heating to the desired value, from 20 to 90°C⁰C. The gentle heat 20 and 30°C retains the shades of coloured fabrics and gives the best wash results.

Mixed program for taking care of mixed fabrics. Articles made of fine synthetic and mixed fabrics – washing can be enriched by different functions: eco-wash, intensive wash, stop with water in the tank, additional rinse.

Program for wool is a special cycle, which is characterized by low water heating and with a reduced amount of water, as well as the most delicate drum rotation algorithm for washing, rinsing and spinning.

Baby Clothes program is not only suitable for babies, but also for clothes and linen of people, prone to allergy to detergents. Children’s items are rinsed thoroughly and free from all kinds of dirt.

The Shirts programme minimises subsequent ironing, because the gentle washing minimises the creasing of the garments. No ironing at all when items are hung out to dry after washing.

Jeans can be washed in a dedicated wash program. It’s strong enough to deliver a quality wash, but gentle enough to preserve the colors of your clothes. In the process of washing in the machine, the likelihood of shedding and fading of jeans is minimized as much as possible.

The cycle Dark things has a similar task, in this program you can apply a special means for washing black, which makes this color brighter.

For the care of jackets and down jackets there is a program Outerwear, it protects the fabric and filling, so that after every wash the thing looks like new.

You can significantly adjust the cycle with the options. For heavy soiling, e.g. after a picnic, grease, ketchup, grass, etc.The machine uses 20% less energy and water than a class A model. It has an adjustable programme that allows you to switch on intensive and eco-friendly washing for a lighter, faster and less power-consuming load.

Stubborn stains and stains can be soaked. To remove sand, dust e.g., clothes that are being repaired select prewash.

If it is important that the machine is absolutely silent, then choose the Night option.

Economy class A++ A-20% , power consumption 1.33 kWh, water consumption 55 litres cotton 60°C per 1kg of laundry 0.19 kWh, 7.88 litres.

The energy efficiency class of the machine is A++, which means economical and low resource consumption. A full load 7kg and water heating to 60°C wastes 20% less energy and water than a class A washing machine.

The optimization system used in each program of the washing machine provides a reduction in resource consumption. It is individual for each wash cycle, whether it is a pair of shirts or a pile of bed linen, estimates the load volume, determining the amount of water needed for washing and rinsing, and the optimum duration of each step of the program.

The machine also helps you save money in other ways. The Eco program is a low-resource cycle. The water is only heated up to 40°C 42°F . And a reliable wash is guaranteed by prolonging the main programme step – washing.

The timer allows you to postpone the start of the program to the night, when there are economical night tariffs. This also lowers the washing costs.

Controls: programmer to select wash modes, display, buttons to select temperature, spin speed, buttons of functions and options, timer indication of the program stage, timer settings, time to finish the wash, include options.

Automatics: loading optimization, foam level control, imbalance.

Safety: anti-water leakage system in the filling hose, anti-flooding in case of pressure failure, overvoltage protection.

The machine is equipped with a modern control system, simple and clear, which anyone can understand.A large programmer selects the program, then sets the temperature, if necessary decreases the drum rotation speed when spinning, include additional options.

Construction: polypropylene tank, 52,5 l drum, sound level wash/wash 59/73 dB, hatch silver+dark blue, diameter 44,5 cm, opening 150⁰.

Dimensions: 596x482x846 mm. Weight: 63 kg.

The drum of the washing machine is made of stainless steel. Its volume is 52,5 liters, so it can easily hold loads of laundry weighing up to 7kg.

The machine is equipped with an enlarged hatch, its size is almost 45 cm, it is convenient to take out and put the things into the machine. The rim of the hatch has two parts, one is silver, the other is dark blue. This solution makes the appearance of the door and the whole machine more interesting.

The tank of the washing machine is made of polymeric material polypropylene. It keeps the water temperature well, so it cools down more slowly, and makes less noise when washing.

Low noise at work and electric motors of machines, mastered in production under the license of the well-known firm Bosch-Siemens, is marked by a separate warranty period of 5 years, which is equal to half of the declared by the manufacturer service life of the machine 10 years.

Warranty: 3 years warranty + 5 years warranty on the motor.

The machine has a three-year warranty, which is not typical for this class of equipment. And the electric motor has an extra five-year warranty. Manufacturer’s extended warranty shows confidence in the quality of their product.

This low-noise and reliable electric motor is marked by a special warranty period, separate from the washing machine itself, of 5 years, equal to half of the 10 years of the machine’s service life.

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