Asus unveils Strix 7 headset for gamers.1

November 26 Asus presented a headset for gamers with multi-channel sound Strix 7.1. The top model in the gamer lineup with premium design. It received ten individual dynamic heads that deliver surround sound and precise sonic positioning for a fully immersive virtual world.

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Asus Strix 7 headset for gamers.1

Headset and external USB sound card provides realistic sound and comfortable communication

Strix 7 headset.1 Comes with external USB sound card with Plug and Play technology and built-in headphone amplifier. Noise cancellation function neutralizes up to 90% of background noise to achieve clear audio. Audio station has four sound profiles for different types of games.

The word “Strix,” taken from ancient Roman and Greek owl myths, is the name of ASUS’ awesome new series of gaming products. The word “Strix” means the sharpest hearing and vision. Headsets enable gamers to sense and respond to even the slightest movement. “Strix is survival on the edge of instinct. “Strix in the blood of every true gamer.

Real 7.1-channel sound

Strix 7 headset.1 Impresses with its realistic sound. Ten dynamic heads with neodymium magnets, five in each cup, deliver true surround sound that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

Plus the Strix 7.1 has a stereo mode for listening to two-channel files. Nicely tuned stereo mode uses multiple dynamic heads simultaneously to make the sound brighter and more detailed than any other comparable device on the market.

Strix 7 headset users.1 can easily adjust the best sound in any situation. The headphones have a volume control for each individual channel to adjust the perfect audio balance. Gamer can switch from multi-channel surround sound mode to stereo mode by toggling just one toggle switch on the external USB sound card.

External Plug and Play sound card

The Strix 7 headset.1 comes with a special adio station that acts as an external USB sound card and provides more fine-tuning of the sound. Up to 90% of background noise is suppressed so gamer can enjoy comfortable conversation and forget about keys clattering and other noise.

Strix 7 headphones.1 has four sound profiles for different game types that are pre-programmed into the external USB sound card. For example, a special mode for first-person shooters helps gamers spot enemies faster, thereby gaining a competitive advantage.

In addition to dedicated switches, the external USB audio card features an HDMI audio jack that allows gamers to connect two- or multi-channel speakers using the included adapter from HDMI to 3.5mm audio output.

Light effects

Strix 7 Headset.1 boasts a bright design with special backlighting. It helps gamers express their particular style. The two earcups on the Strix 7 headphones.1 has a Strix symbol simulating an owl eye, which lights up when the headset is in use.

Excellent ergonomics

Strix 7 headset.1 not only has a great design, but is also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Made of breathable, soft leather, 130mm cushions with memory effect.




USB via audio station

Speaker size

Front: 40mm

Subwoofer: 40mm

Central: 30mm

Rear: 20mm

Side: 20mm

Dynamic head material

Neodymium magnet


32 Ohm



Backlight modes

Constant/Pulsating/ Off




Directional Characteristics





-40 ± 3 dB

External sound card

Phono Noise Reduction

Suppression of up to 90% of background noise


Overall volume control, volume control for each channel separately, microphone sensitivity control, headphone amplifier, 4 sound profiles for different types of games, backlight control


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