ASUS unveils Intel X299 based motherboards

We’re entering a new era in high-performance computing with Intel introducing the highly anticipated Core X series of processors and the corresponding X299 chipset, which offer the increased performance and data transfer speeds needed for a wide range of applications, from professional content creation to advanced gaming. New processors in LGA2066 form factor require special motherboards, and ASUS is ready to offer several such models under Prime, TUF and ROG brands.


Three ROG-branded models are optimized for different purposes: The Rampage VI Extreme is designed for dream PCs with liquid cooling and high-speed networking, the Rampage VI Apex is for maximum gaming speed and overclocking records, and the Strix X299-E is for flexible customization and personalization

parameters to squeeze the most out of a computer system. It’s worth noting that ROG is more than just a feature set. The developers of these devices have given them such features that will be useful for experienced enthusiasts, but at the same time available and understandable to beginners.

Prime and TUF series motherboards cater to different target audiences. So, Prime X299-Deluxe is the perfect choice for building full featured “top of the line” computers and Prime X299-A is for those who need only basic functionality. TUF X299 Mark 1 and TUF X299 Mark 2 are more advanced models with protective “armor” and powerful cooling system and the base model, respectively.


The ROG X299 line of gaming innovations

All three new models in the lineup ROG endowed with features aimed at enthusiasts. This includes widely acclaimed overclocking capabilities and support for both air and liquid cooling. The boards feature water pump connections and a smart fan control system that allows you to find the perfect balance between noise and performance. The fan speed control monitors the temperature of many components, including certain graphics card models.

Adjust computer settings including overclocking can be done manually or automatically with five-way optimization. The Rampage VI Apex motherboards are designed for overclockers, and have already set eight world records and twenty world records with the Core X CPU running at 7.560GHz.

Gaming PCs are often the expression of their owner’s personality, and it’s easy to accentuate that with customizable backlighting. In addition to the color LEDs, the new motherboards feature LED strip jacks that can illuminate an entire computer case. Aura Sync can be synced with other products, including graphics cards, monitors and other products not only from ASUS, but from partners as well.

Built-in audio system of the new ROG series includes SupremeFX codec and features enhanced audio quality, which will be appreciated by those who stream online. Graphic slots use SafeSlot technology to prevent damage when installing a massive graphics card.

VROC technology supported by the new Intel platform allows you to create high-speed RAID arrays based on SSDs with a direct connection to the CPU. An optional ASUS motherboard that can accommodate multiple M.2. Also supports new Intel Optane memory type. Featured interfaces include integrated Wi-Fi, an Intel Gigabit Ethernet network controller and USB 3.1 Gen2 in the form of Type-C ports and internal pads with up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth .


Versatile features of the Prime series

Aimed at “advanced” users, the Prime series incorporates ASUS’ decades of experience in designing the highest-quality motherboards. It includes models equipped with the most advanced interfaces and convenient configuration tools.

All ASUS X299-based products have a variety of overclocking and cooling tuning options through UEFI BIOS and bundled software. For inexperienced users, a 5-Way Optimization feature allows for one-click overclocking or adjustable cooling, depending on component specifications.

Aesthetically, the new models feature a black and white color scheme that will be ideal for discreet PC designs. If you want a brighter style, you can activate colored backlighting by connecting LED strips to the corresponding connectors. The Prime X299 series is part of a complete ecosystem of motherboards, graphics cards, and peripherals that integrate Aura Sync.

New Intel Core X-series processors require massive amounts of cooling, and thus all X299 based motherboards include a dedicated socket for liquid cooling system or water pump. Prime X299 series allows you to create a multiprocessor graphics configuration of two or three graphics cards, and graphic slots PCIe x16 with a particularly strong, resistant to distortion design SafeSlot Technology .

PCIe lanes, not used for graphics cards, can be transferred to a storage subsystem, which supports VROC: multiple M-SDDs.The TUF memory is RAID-ready and connects directly to the CPU, allowing for unprecedented data transfer speeds. Also features new Intel Optane memory, designed for use as a high-speed, non-volatile cache for other storage solutions.

The new Prime series models feature a high quality built-in audio system that includes a Realtek S1220A codec and amplifier, providing crystal-clear sound that’s comparable to some individual sound cards.


TUF Series Durability

The main priorities in creating products TUF series is reliability and durability, so they use wear-resistant components, and they are subjected to more stringent quality tests. The TUF Series features a distinctive layout that combines industrial design elements with a space-inspired look, while keeping colored lights to a minimum.

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