ASUS MiniMovie and PhotoCollage apps get Facebook Messenger integration

ASUS announces that its creative video and photo applications MiniMovie and PhotoCollage are now tightly integrated with Facebook Messenger. Their interface now features a button to send content instantly to correspondence.





Facebook Messenger integration: easy-to-use and high quality

After Facebook opened up its Facebook Messenger platform to third-party developers, creative video and photo apps ASUS MiniMovie and PhotoCollage have received integration with Facebook Messenger. This means users can now edit photos and videos without leaving their correspondence. It is also worth noting that integration with Facebook Messenger has already received such applications as Spotify, which allows you to share songs and playlists, and Uber, through which the user can call a cab directly from the messenger application.

In order to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Facebook must ensure the reputation and usability of each application, which once again proves the simplicity and popularity of MiniMovie and PhotoCollage.

“We are very happy that our video and photo editing apps MiniMovie and PhotoCollage have been integrated with Facebook Messenger, as it opens up new opportunities for our users,

– Says Erik Hermanson, Marketing Manager, Mobile Division at ASUS. –

We are confident that this milestone will allow more people to experience how easy it is to create photo collages, edit videos with our free apps and share them with their friends.

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