ASUS introduces a new smartphone for selfies lovers ASUS ZenFone Live

ASUS introduces ASUS ZenFone Live, the world’s first video streaming smartphone with real-time self-portrait enhancement. This feature is implemented with the new exclusive streaming app BeautyLive.

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High quality front camera

The front camera on the new ASUS ZenFone Live ensures that you get sharp pictures. Thanks to the large pixel size 1.4 microns , the light sensitivity of the sensor has been doubled compared to most popular smartphones. Bright LED flash gently illuminates your face and helps achieve a natural-looking skin tone. Wide-angle front camera 82° gets all your friends in the shot while you’re shooting video.

ASUS ZenFone Live is equipped with a 13-megapixel primary camera with exclusive ASUS PixelMaster technology, 5-element lens with an aperture of F/2.0. In low-light mode, the camera provides a change in image sensor pixel size to increase light sensitivity and color contrast by 400%, and reduce noise in the image. The main camera has twelve shooting modes, including portrait enhancement mode, low-light mode, super resolution mode, and more.


Powerful sound: a speaker with five magnets and a sound amplifier

ASUS ZenFone Live features a powerful speaker with five magnets and a special metal voice coil to ensure loud and clear sound. The audio system also includes an audio amplifier, allowing you to increase signal resolution and sound volume without harming the speaker.

With this unique combination of hardware, the new ASUS ZenFone Live guarantees a 67% increase in volume over the previous generation models, a 17% increase in bass range and a 15% reduction in distortion.

Phones and Connectivity

Stylish design: metallized body, rounded edges of the protective glass 2.5D

The stylish metallized body of the new ASUS ZenFone Live is available in three colors: gold Shimmer Gold , pink Rose Pink and dark blue Navy Black . Bright screen of the new ASUS ZenFone Live is covered by a durable protective glass with rounded edges 2.5D . The flawless shape of the case fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the ratio of screen size to front panel size is as much as 75%.

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