ASUS Announces New Devices at CES 2016

At the international Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas, ASUS introduced new models of monitors, portable projectors, routers, network adapters, as well as compact PCs.


MB169C+ portable USB monitor

ASUS MB169C+ is the world’s first 15.6″ portable monitor, which uses only one USB Type-C port for video signal and power. Lightweight 800g and lightweight 8.5mm thin , the MB169C+ incorporates an IPS panel with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution for crisp color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Thanks to this, its screen is virtually undistorted when you change the angle at which you look at the screen.

Computers and peripherals

The 34″ Designo MX series monitor

The new ASUS Designo MX Series monitor features a 34-inch ultra-wide 21:9 IPS display with a resolution of 3440 × 1440 pixels Ultra-Wide QHD and 21:9 aspect ratio. The stylish ASUS Designo MX with its ultra-thin bezel blends in easily with any office or home design. Panel curvature radius is 2000R, allowing the viewer to be fully immersed in what’s happening on the screen. ASUS SonicMaster technology, co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, and two built-in 8W speakers deliver unprecedented audio quality. Qi-compatible wireless charger integrated into monitor cradle.

Computers & Peripherals

Designo MX27UQ

ASUS Designo MX27UQ is a new 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Thanks to the modern IPS image sensor the new device has 100% coverage of sRGB color space which provides high level of details and accurate color reproduction. The new Icicle Gold unveils a sleek, streamlined design with a metallic, round stand that adds a sophisticated dimension to the stability of the display. Full multimedia capabilities are packed into Bang and Olufsen ICEpower® audio system with ASUS SonicMaster technology. 3W stereo speakers with Bluetooth® wireless streaming. Designo MX27UQ has been certified by one of the most reputable testing institutes in the world – T&Uuml V Rheinland for its Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies. Both technologies reduce the likelihood of unpleasant symptoms associated with eye fatigue from working at a computer and make computer interaction more comfortable.


ZenBeam portable projector

ZenBeam E1Z and ZenBeam E1 are ultra-compact USB projectors, compatible with Android and Windows devices, such as ASUS ZenFone and ASUS ZenPad. ZenBeam E1 is equipped with HDMI/MHL interface, which makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. Otherwise, projectors feature the same performance. WVGA 854 × 480 pixels image resolution from 22″ to 80″ diagonal. Brightness is 150 lumens. Power comes from the built-in 6000mAh battery, which can also serve as backup for your smartphone or tablet.

The VivoMini Compact PC Series

ASUS VivoMini is a new series of desktop computers in a compact design with a capacity of only two liters, with full functionality enough for home and office.

Video projectors

VivoMini VC65 Compact PC

ASUS VivoMini VC65 is the world’s smallest desktop with up to four hard drives and RAID support. This enables VivoMini VC65 owners to use it as a home server or NAS network attached storage system. Modular design enables up to four drives, including an optional hard drive or optical drive. The VivoPC VC65 is powered by the 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor, enabling users to enjoy the best of both worlds. Housed in a slim design with an integrated power adapter, it can be installed either vertically or horizontally, so it won’t take up valuable space.


VivoMini UN65H Compact PC

New compact desktop ASUS VivoMini UN65H, which weighs only 700 grams, combines all the features of a traditional desktop for home and office. Advanced 6th generation Intel Core processor for high performance and low power consumption. The VivoMini UN65H’s sleek, simple Good Design Award-winning design blends seamlessly into your living room or office. Glossy enclosure with a unique concentric circle design in Midnight Blue, the only color available. VivoMini UN65H is designed to accommodate up to two drives: a solid state drive with M.2, and a 2.5″ hard drive up to 1TB is available for memory expansion. It offers high-speed 802 802 Wi-Fi connectivity for business and personal computing.11ac. PC equipped with USB standard USB Battery Charging 1 ports to increase charging speed of mobile devices up to two times.2 BC 1.2 .

Video technology

VivoMini VM65N Compact PC

Sixth generation Intel Core™ processor powers the performance of the new ASUS VivoMini VM65N. Vivo DualBay drive bay allows for one or two drives, so you can use one 3.5-inch or two 2.5-inch hard drives for storage. A discrete graphics card from NVIDIA guarantees smooth 4K/2K video playback, while DDR4 system memory reduces power consumption and boosts system speed. Dual USB 3 ports on this model.With a maximum throughput of 10Gb/s, twice as fast as USB 3.0. Supports High-Speed WiFi 802.11ac gives you wireless HD audio and video streaming. VivoMini VM65N utilizes ASUS SonicMaster technology for best sound quality.


ASUS VivoStick PC TS10

ASUS VivoStick PC TS10: A stylish new PC in a flash drive-sized package. It’s capable of turning any HDMI display or TV into a fully fledged Windows 10 PC. It’s based on Intel’s next-generation Cherry Trail™ hardware platform which gives you the best possible experience. In addition, the keychain-sized device has wireless 802 Wi-Fi communication adapters.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0, two USB ports and audio output. Miracast technology enables you to turn your TV into a multimedia hub by wirelessly broadcasting rich media content. With Remote Control application you can control your media playback remotely.

Computers & Peripherals

Chromebit CS10 keychain computer

The ASUS Chromebit CS10 is the world’s smallest Chrome OS PC, turning any TV or monitor with HDMI input into a desktop PC. Housed in a sleek, slim design that measures just 12 centimeters in length, it will be available in two colors-Cacao Black and Tangerine Orange. Winner of the 2015 Good Design Award and 2016 CES Innovation Award, the new Chromebit CS10 will be ideal for use as an electronic signature, in information kiosks or for other commercial purposes.

Computers and peripherals

TUF Sabertooth Z170 S motherboard

TUF Sabertooth Z170 S is the new heavy duty ATX motherboard with Arctic Camouflage design: white PCB featuring military style ornamentation. TUF Series motherboards are built with 24/7 usability in mind.

TUF Sabertooth Z170 S motherboard features powerful cooling system with flexible system setup and monitoring. TUF ICe chip for motherboard temperature monitoring and fan control. Thermal Radar 2 enables you to monitor the temperature of your graphics card and other components in real-time. The TUF Detective 2 app installed on the smartphone or tablet is responsible for remote fan control, monitoring key parameters of the computer, and allows you to find the cause of malfunction.

TUF Sabertooth Z170 S motherboard uses only the highest quality components to keep it going in demanding conditions or under extreme stress. TUF ESD Guards 2 and TUF LANGuard protect the motherboard and network connectors from static electricity and power surges. TUF Sabertooth Z170 S motherboard’s reliability is backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Video technology

ASUS Router app

New ASUS Router mobile app for setting up ASUS routers, upgrading their firmware, diagnosing network issues and managing traffic. ASUS Router app has an intuitive interface and is already available on App Store and Google Play. Game Boost feature optimizes router settings with one touch so gamers can get maximum speed for online gaming. When a network error occurs, this application helps you to find and fix the cause. Advanced features such as bandwidth limitation, network security settings and Wi-Fi provisioning give the user a variety of PC-free management options for the router.


Router with built-in cable modem CM-32 AC2600

ASUS CM-32 AC2600 is a router with a built-in cable modem that allows you to easily set up wireless access to high-speed cable connection and save the monthly rent of a modem from your ISP. CM-32 AC2600 is equipped with 4 external antennas, each working for both receive and transmit 4×4 , with a throughput of up to 2,534 Mbps. With 32 channels for downstream and 8 channels for uplink, the ASUS CM-32 AC2600 Advanced Router guarantees the highest data transfer speeds.


AC68 Wireless USB Adapter

ASUS USB-AC68 is a small-sized wireless adapter for wireless 802.0 Wi-Fi.11ac, connects to your PC or laptop via USB 3.0. Device has a peak bandwidth of 1900 Mbps. The adapter is equipped with two external antennas in a 3×4 MIMO configuration and supports AiRadar technology to extend the network coverage. Modern USB 3 standard.0 interface is 10x faster than USB 2 interface.0 and backwards compatible. The adapter comes with a special stand that allows for flexible placement of the adapter for optimum wireless networking.


XG-D2008 network switch

New 10G Network Switch ASUS XG-D2008 provides effective and affordable solutions for small offices, home users and gamers. Novelty is easy to use and requires no additional software installation. Built-in RJ-45 10 Gbps ports are backward compatible with older network devices. Improved bandwidth is ideal for network gaming.

video projectors

RP-AC68U Wi-Fi repeater

ASUS RP-AC68U is a dual-band wireless repeater of standard 802.5 Wi-Fi.11ac interface, whose data transfer rate reaches 1900 Mbps. WPS button is used to quickly set up a secure wireless connection. Built-in LED indicator helps the user instantly assess the signal strength and find the best location of the repeater in the house. ASUS AiCloud technology makes it possible to turn the external hard drive connected to the RP-AC68U into a cloud data storage, which can be accessed remotely from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Supports USB 3.0 provides high-speed data transfer.

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